Sting of the tick

You know, what in Crimea there are ticks(mites;tong)? For certain know. Well also what further? What to do(make), if you gather for the nature (in mountains, the savage on a beach)? How to protect itself from creeping reptiles?

I shall not tell that, I own the fullest information on this question, but something I can prompt. As my advice(councils) I have checked up all on myself personally. So, we shall start:
How to learn(find out) the tick(mite)?

Ticks(Mites;Tong) - relatives of spiders. They 8 lapok also do not have wings. A Taurus very-very flat, normally darkly brown or black, sometimes with a red border. The Crimean ticks(mites;tong) met to me in two variants - huge (nearby 4 milimetrov) and small-type (less milimetra). Understand, that small is much more hazardous as to notice them very difficultly.

Understand, that small is much more hazardous as to notice them very difficultly. Having familiarized with the literature I have found out what is it larvas of the tick(mite). In the size they no more papaverous grain and all with three steams(pairs) of legs(foots).

Larvas attack on fine wood zverkov and birds, having stuck, they suck a blood 3-4 days, then leave(abandon) the prokormitelej and leave in a debris layer. There they fade, turning to a following phase of development - nymphs which more largly and have already four pairs of extremities.

Having wintered, nymphs similarly leave on "hunting", but choose to itself victims more largly: fiber, burundukov, hares, hedgehogs. The become impregnated nymph in a year turns either in samku, or in samtsa which can infect us with a virus.

 Samtsy can stick for short time to resupply nutrients(nutritive matters) and water in an organism, but samki in norm(rate) suck a blood within 6-10 days. Full samka becomes in size with a phalanx of a little finger and its(her) integuments get is dirty-grey color with a metal tint.

Having become impregnated, samka leaves in a debris layer and, having reboiled a blood, starts to jajtsekladke, postponing 1,5 - 2,5 thousand eggs.

Thus, the cycle of development of the taiga tick(mite) lasts a minimum three years, and can be tightened(delayed) for four-five years. For this time ticks(mites;tong) eat only three times, thus from thousand larvas teaches all some(a little bit) tens full-grown specimens, the rest to survive it is not possible.
Than ticks(mites;tong) are hazardous?

Ticks(Mites;Tong) stick into a skin and drink a blood. And all would be anything if thus they were not carriers of any infection. Namely a vernal encephalitis - terribly opposite illness(disease).
How to shelter from ticks(mites;tong)?

First, ticks(mites;tong) are active only 2 times a year. In Crimea the peak of their activity is necessary on the extremity(end) of May. Then all the summer long they doze it is not known where and only in September still a time leave on hunting behind a fresh blood.

Secondly, ticks(mites;tong) are not everywhere. There are districts where in their afternoon with fire will not find, and on the contrary in nekotryh places they sypjatsja from everywhere. Speak, that it is a lot of ticks(mites;tong) there where planted horses and where many wild animals earlier. I can not tell, that it would prove to be true my observations, but nevertheless. I have collided(faced) with domination of ticks(mites;tong) in district of the Devil's ladder (Uzundzha, Karadagsky a forest, the Shaitan-¼ÑÓñóÑ¡ý), almost did not meet them on chatyr-ñáúÑ and Karabi.

Thirdly ticks(mites;tong) are very predicted, and it is their delicacy.

According to the standard myth ticks(mites;tong) sit on trees and fall to you on a head. In Crimea ticks(mites;tong) sit not on high trees is much more often, and on a grass and cling to legs(foots) passing by. Having caught for shtaninu, the tick(mite) creeps upwards in searches of a place convenient for a sting. Unlike mosquitoes, through clothes they cannot bite. The gentle skin is necessary to them. Favourite places for stings - at a level of a girdle, under elastic from trousers, under kolenkami, on a neck. To find such titbit, it is necessary to the tick(mite) of minutes 20. It is your chance. If to look round each 20 minutes (at least legs(foots)), any tick(mite) to you is not terrible. For this reason I prefer to not hide a leg(foot) under trousers, and to go in shorts. On a white skin to notice the tick(mite) is much easier, than on a tissue.

The tick(mite), especially small, it is impossible to feel therefore, having got under clothes (in shtaninu) he can unpunishedly operate(work).

CHtozhe to do(make) if the tick(mite) all the same has bitten you?

For the beginning read through as to pull out the tick(mite).
Also can esteem about behaviour of the wood tick(mite)