Tourist parking in mountains of Crimea

Camp site "Halt"
Bakhchisarai, Schmidt's street, 43, ph. (06554)--478-46
The camp site is near to Hanskogo a palace, but is far from autostation (40 minutes on foot). To a palace the city bus goes. From a palace, perjdja through small river, about 5 minutes it is necessary to rise upwards along the street.  Good conditions both for long rest(tour), and for short parking. Residing at cases, wooden small houses. Round the clock there is a hot water, the dining room, a bar works, places for cooking on fire wood are equipped, there is a spring, the storage room works. Earlier (2001) to put tents resolved(allowed), but in 2002 - already is not present. It is possible to make radial yields(exits) Of Bakhchisarai in Uspensky monastry, cave cities the þÒõÒÔ-FECES, tepe-¬ÑӼѡ, kachi-¬á½ý®«¡.
More in detail about conditions of rest(tour) it is possible to read through here.
Camp site " Eagle zalet "
The camp site is had in polukilometre from village Falcon, from Bakhchisarai, between a highway and the river Kokkozka. Marshrutki on falcon go from Bakhchisarai. The schedule on 2001 (in brackets arrival in with. Falcon):
6.00 (7.00)
7.00 (8.00)
8.20 (9.20)
10.40 (11.40)
11.45 (12.45)
12.20 (13.05)
13.30 (14.15)
14.40 (15.35)
15.50 (16.50)
Unfortunately, to " cult places " - to the Grand Canyon, a waterfall Silver, to bottom of mountain Eagle Zalet - from a camp site it is necessary to go about two hours, or to use local motorists. Residing at the case, wooden small houses, places under tents, a dining room, a storage room, a spring. Advantages: very picturesque and pure(clean) mountain small river Kokkozka a stone's throw away from a camp site.
More in detail about conditions of rest(tour) it is possible to read through here.
Turprijut mountain-saving service on a plateau Ah-»ÑÔÓ¿
Residing at 6-seater and 2-seater rooms. To phone and reserve places it is very desirable - the shelter is loaded into a season. More in detail about him see
Camp site " Angarsk pass "
From a stopping " Angarsk pass " it is necessary to pass(take place) 200 m on the asphalted road.
Residing at small houses, places under tents, places for cooking on a fire(shive). Conditions Spartan - small houses are constructed 30 years ago and since then were exposed only to face lifting. Is dushevye, but water for bathing is heated by fire wood and it is not regulary. Very convenient location for radial yields(exits) in gorge Tissovoe, on chatyr-ñáú, to the Mottled cave, on Demerdzhi, in the Valley of Ghosts.
Turstojanka Mangup
Turstojanka ranges near to village of Õáñª¿-bacon. A toilet, a spring, places for palatok. Series are a pond, magazanchik, some restaurants with the Tatar kitchen(cuisine). The disadvantage - practically is not present some fuel (that is fire wood). It is desirable to have with itself a gas torch. It is possible to make radial yields(exits) on the ¼á¡úÒ»-FECES, in monastery CHelter, in Sjujrenskuju alcoholic content, in the cave city of Eski-Kermen.
Camp site "karabi-яйла"
Is near to metostantsiej on karabi-яйле.
Has started to operate(work) with 2001 of the Condition of residing, the price and phones:
Turstojanka " the Mottled cave "
Glade near to the Mottled cave.
Small houses, cafe, toilet. A disadvantage of parking - privoznja water.
Turstojanka " Glade MAN "
Bottom Northern Demerdzhi.
On a glade there is a spring, the small river nearby proceeds.
Turstojanka Dzhurla
Near to waterfall Dzhurla.
Turstojanka Headstreams
At an input(entrance) in adym-þ«¬Óá¬ß¬Ò¯ a valley, near to natural boundary Headstreams
The spring, two small ponds, series - the hunting cordon.
Turstojanka " Rich gorge "
At highway Advanced - Golubinka
The spring, three small "plateaus" for palatok ranges on an abrupt slope.
Turstojanka " the Fifth beam "
Verhovja the Fifth beam.
Spring, small ponds, spacious poljanki for the equipment(installation) palatok.
Turstojanka beshik-ÔáÒ
Is in 40 minutes of a way from cave city the þÒõÒÔ-FECES. There is a toilet, a spring.
Turstojanka Bjuzjuka
bajdaro-¬áßÔÓ«»«½ý߬án a wall, near to pass the Shaitan-¼ÑÓñóÑ¡ý.
Toilet, well. On the next glade (minutes in five hotby) there is one more well. The stationary plate for cooking is very convenient for greater(big) tourist groups.

The full list of tourist parking of Crimea and other data for the organization of hikes can be looked(seen) on on a site of ¬«¡ÔÓ«½ý¡«-saving service of Crimea.

 Lily Vinogradova, Konstantin Vinogradov, Hot soles, 2000 - dob = new Date () document.write (dob.getFullYear ()) 2006