Nudist rest

коктебель карадаг Gathering(Going) this summer to Crimea, we have decided to visit Feodosiya. One of the reasons of it(this) was affinity of Feodosiya to known clothing-optional beaches. Most popular of which is in settlement Koktebel (was(former) Planerskoe). If to be more exact during Soviet times "Koktebel" the state farm which is being nearby was called, and already then this name has been transferred(carried) and on settlement.

For those who in Crimea about Koktebel it was possible to not tell. This popular enough vacation spot at muscovites. However, special places of interest, except for Maksimiliana Voloshin's small house-museum and the house of creativity of writers, in Koktebel are not present. Koktebel is Still known for the factory of check wines. The most important place of interest of Koktebel is the extinct volcano of the Kar-ñáú which now is in territory of reserve.

Lightest to get to Koktebel from Feodosiya. Each 15-20 minutes from the central autostation of Feodosiya to Koktebel and further up to the Biological research station the fixed-route taxi departs. The Fare of 2 grivnas, that in July, 2002 was peer to 12 roubles. All road borrows(occupies) nearby 20 minutes, besides she passes(takes place) in very picturesque places among mountains and vineyards.


If you wish to get more quickly on a beach it is better to ask than the driver to stop a taxi, not reaching up to the center of settlement, at turn to an autocamping where there is an old index "Planerskoe". Then, having passed(having taken place) through an autocamping to the sea, you will get immediately on a beach. If you will go on a beach from the center of settlement it is necessary to leave on the embankment filled by every possible shops and cafe, to turn on the left and to go along a city beach. As soon as the city beach comes to an end, at once begins nudist. As original border between beaches the dried up streamlet serves.


For the first time the quantity(amount) having a rest can amaze(strike) the person who has got here. It is estimated in hundreds person. And it yet during the high season. Happens even difficultly in the morning to find a place more close to water. People the most different. Basically having a rest from Russia, mainly from Moscow, but is and much ukraintsev.
Atmosphere quite ordinary. If not absence of clothes on the majority having a rest this beach nothing would differ from all others. However, the affinity to a city beach and settlement has not only the certain(specific) advantages, but also frames mass of inconveniences for having a rest. Describing further the negative sides at visiting this beach, I would not like, that you had a negative attitude(relation) to it(him;them). Many of those who there sunbathes constantly, most likely them at all does not notice.

As well as everywhere, importunate dealers with beer, a fish, patties and mussels which constantly move along a beach in 2 directions also bother. And though the offer of the goods many times over exceeds demand for it(him), nevertheless, sellers do not become less. There is Enough often having a rest with a city beach pass(take place) along a clothing-optional beach as at excursion. Occasionally among them there are inadequate tipsy teenagers who cry out something and laugh nervously(are nervously dared). Saw, how the dressed young men approached(suited) to girls on a beach with offers on acquaintance, but they and send away(have left) than. Along an edge of water constantly there go water motorcyclists. It too strongly irritates especially mums with children. Motorcyclists look basically aside shores, instead of before itself and move on enough high rate. Especially, I did not like family which in full ammunition has ranged in the center of a beach with a videocamera and began to take out on it(her) ostensibly each other. Daddy had characteristic enough appearance "rolling" with thick gold a chain and an icon on her. I have told it(him) what to take out on video here it is forbidden, but it has not made any effect. The others tried to not pay attention to it. In general, here nobody pays attention to others. The some people come groups in which there can be those who sunbathes in bathing suits, and someone without them. Many girls sunbathe topless. The some people undress only for bathing, and on a shore again put on. The majority comes families, and sunbathe completely naked(exposed). Has paid attention, that some men shave off all greenery in the bottom of a stomach(belly). In the beginning could not understand why, but has then solved, that so lighter to put(render) a cream from sunburn. These parts of a body burn most quickly. Basically come on a beach for a short while, only at 1-2 o'clock. Therefore, if to be late under a umbrella of hour on 3 all your neighbours for this time will be replaced. By a dinner the beach noticeably becomes empty.
Joint beach games, for example in volleyball, are not accepted, though some of having a rest and start to play in them, but anybody normally does not join them. Prefer more silent board games in backgammons, maps, etc.

In one of newspapers I have read through, that men like to go along a beach surveying others and showing "advantage". But it not so. I did not see any man walking about along a beach. Most the road from the umbrella up to the sea and back is long.

The majority of people does not refuse dialogue. I think, that on a clothing-optional beach dialogue is fastened much lighter. Here to find the interesting interlocutor easier. Owing to that in Koktebel there is a House of creativity of writers, you have an opportunity to meet someone from them. I could get acquainted with one Moscow author-satirist from a of Moscow which in due time has written some stories for young Petrosyan.

Now this "wild" beach is gradually equipped. The trading booth is already established(installed), now do(make) cafe with walls of a cane.
Settlement Ordzhonikidze

For those who prefers quieter rest(tour), I would recommend a beach had nearby to settlement Ordzhonikidze. However, to get on it(him) it is necessary to put(apply) the certain(specific) efforts.

Is most easier in settlement Ordzhonikidze it is possible to reach also from the central autostation of city of Feodosiya on a fixed-route taxi 6-Ç. All road will borrow(occupy) nearby 15 minutes and will pass(take place) on a picturesque mountain streamer. The Fare of 1,5 grivnas, i.e. 9 rbl. Having arrived on the final stopping had near to the market, it is necessary to be referred aside a city beach. Having passed(having taken place) it(him), you should overcome three or four mountains on a footpath, or to move along an edge exhausting periodically getting through huge stones. When you reach(achieve) last bay where the road comes to an end it and there will be a clothing-optional beach.

Behind this bay there is one more absolutely small, but to get in it(her) it is possible only moving on water. The few are capable of such transition and consequently, in comparison with Koktebel the quantity(amount) having a rest on this beach is not exceeded by 30-50 person. But here there are no almost dealers, passers-by and as a whole a situation more pacified. The some people come with tents and stop there for a long time.

In the extremity(end) of this beach it is possible to collect clay which is in a powdery state, to dilute with its(her) water and to put(render) on a skin. In it(this) are engaged almost all having a rest. It is considered, that she possesses health giving qualities since is in a break of mountain jurskogo the period. I can tell one, that she operates(works) similarly to skrabu though has gentle enough consistence. The skin after its(her) utilization becomes extraordinary smooth.
All sunbathing are distributed(allocated) on a beach on ravnoudalennom distance from each other. Everyone has a rest in itself and to acquaintances especially are not had.
The fox bay

According to guides, local residents, and also having a rest in Koktebel now nudists from the Fox bay practically send away(have left). " There there is nothing to do(make). Only an edge at a shore in width in 1,5 meters ".