Clothing-optional beaches of Crimea

Нудистские пляжи Крыма that Crimea - the ideal place for interested persons is known позагорать-be bought stark naked, likely, all. But, unfortunately in the majority of sources both in traditional mass-media and in the Net as unique territory where it is possible to spend time without ceremony absolutely freely from prejudices it is represented either Koktebel or a nearby Fox Bay. Meanwhile even small personal experience shows what to get rid of swimming trunks-bathing suits it is possible practically in any place of the Crimean coast... Not being behind a fence public (city or sanatorium) a beach and if in radius of 10 (ten) meters there is no family with minor children in whom your bare kind will not cause(call) enthusiasm. I can not tell, that I have wide experience in this respect, but it is ready to share that I know.

So, have gone - counter-clockwise!

Deserted places
Deserted places it is swept aside, it is natural, at once, here all clearly and to prompt it is not necessary. There are masses of the Crimean sites it(him) of forums where before the beginning of a season it is possible to learn(find out) - where it is possible to live in tent, whether there is a water, whether drive the gamekeeper, etc. I Believe, that here it is more interesting to survey places near to cities and settlements.

More precisely - Chersonese. Here there are some beaches, one of them - "city" and further, on the left on coast, a little quite wild. On results of discussion at Galina Petrovskoj's forum in May-June of this year, on wild beaches the naturism / nudizm is quite admissible.

In most Balaklavskoj to a bay it certainly hardly, besides - former base of submarines of the Black Sea fleet, nesolidno somehow. But around at coast there is a mass small and quite wild pljazhikov, where the approach - only from the sea. Under the arrangement, local katerochki deliver in these(it) buhtochki all interested persons with stipulated time of homing. Very beautiful beach with a marvellous kind on Fiolent - for so-called "Gold" (a source - Alex). Here only water is better for having with itself, and the more close to Fiolentu the probability of an occurring with foresters of local reserve from which, however, easily enough to pay off more.

Simeiz - already the border of so-called Big Yalta, from here and up to Alushty goes almost continuous a chain of sanatoria, concerning wild places it is not enough. The small town Simeiz is very good. First, Simeiz it is very nice. In him the pleasant relaxing atmosphere of general laziness reigns, there is no resort vanity. As consequence(investigation) - rather low prices. Is on what to look(see) - there were some country houses "was(former)", picturesque enough park, so-called « Avenue of bare muzhiks » i.e. with antique statues near the known country house "Xenia", is quite developed accompanying infrastuktura. Within the limits of Simeiza - the remnants ancient krepostushek. However, from them there were only bases, and well-known Simeizskaja an astronomical observatory. The sea shore - rocks is very picturesque, petrous breakages, pure(clean) transparent water, a bottom(fundus) of extraordinary beauty - are where to dive and on what to look! But the local seawater has one unpleasant propert. At strong winds from a shore, the upper warm layer is blown off, from depths cold waters rise and the situation when at external heat plus thirty water in the sea(pestilence) will be 11-13 degrees is quite possible(probable)! On warming up leaves day three. And during this period especially desperate people can bathe only!

The clothing-optional beach exists, apparently, enough for a long time on the western extremity of small town. It is necessary to move from the mentioned country house "Xenia" between antique statues. Further, having passed by draining off on last public beach to go on road aside Katsiveli. Soon will see beautiful rocks-rocks, before them - footpaths downwards to the sea. So-called « the Blue Bay » Here begins. The beach as is not present those is a picturesque ridge zdorovushchih of the stones forming greater(big) platforms, quite suitable for rasplastyvanija as groups, and alone. Places these blocks have fallen in the sea(pestilence) and have formed small ostrovki and zalivchiki. In total some tens person here gather. In old years aside Katsiveli in lesochke at road lived in tents of hippie, after hippie in the Union like have terminated, but the camp like has remained and as report, there quite probably to stop in tent.

Here it is possible to pass(take place) and along the sea from last public beach. But will have to pay for an input(entrance) on a beach, and on top to go where as more beautifully! In the beginning of this place there is a good corner for families. Here kamenjugi form something like superficial ozertsa with yields(exits) « in the midsea », it is possible to start absolutely easy in water of small kiddies, draining off in water safe, and to go nearby. From the sea this zalivchik is fenced by huge blocks, at the certain(specific) foreshortening reminding breeches, height of this construction of meters fifteen, it well protects from a wind from the sea and waves. And above there lives family chaek. Can - till now.

Beach as mentioned is not present, but to roll on the heated stones - grandiose pleasure, especially when series pleshchetsja the quiet pure(clean) transparent sea. From stones it is possible (and it is necessary!) to dive, the scuba diving too is persistently recommended. Experts approve(confirm), that in this stone chaos there are underground grottoes where it is possible to swim away only having dived under under an edge of a shore. The distant edge for a long time also is strongly chosen by guys, which female society on a fig. In general this place pleasant, quiet, very beautiful, public basically young and sports, behaves quite decently and rasslablenno.

Generally Alupka is already type the cultural center. From Alupki on the east the district under the name the Greater(Big) Yalta - practically continuous a chain of small towns, sanatoria and boarding houses begins. Here there is a well-known palace of graph Vorontsova and magnificent park at him. From Simeiza up to Alupki minutes of 10-15 drivings by the trip bus. From Yalta up to Alupke by the bus hardly there is more than hour, and if on a fixed-route taxi - minutes forty. To describe a palace and park there is no sense, it is simply obligatory program. To live here is more dear(expensive), than in Simeize, but all still essentially is cheaper, than in Yalta. To the right of city the shore is absolutely uncomfortable and uncomfortable, to try to range there - waste of time and forces. Basically in the right part of small town there is a place like as under a camping, but I doubt, what is it legalized territory and is great probability of that people in tents therefrom drive. To the left of park the city beach is arranged, it is natural - paid with all necessary personal belongings. And here in akkurat under park, between a nursery and city beach there is a so-called "wild" beach which represents besides a ridge of stones of meters five hundred are long. People also proves in the left part of this ridge normally, which considers(counts) what to dry on a body cowards silly, ugly and is unhealthy. When people has not enough of it(this), they live on a very tall stone, where anybody it(him) (to us!) does not stir(prevent), whence it is easy possible to dive into water. When to people arrives, nearby territories are occupied also. The dressed public at us did not show aggression, places much - it is not pleasant - crawl away.

What to be created between Alupkoj and Alushtoj I do not know, for I try to avoid this district. But on responses it is possible to range quite in district the Bear of Mountain from Gurzuf, on a shore below Nikitskogo botanic garden. And here in most Alushte there is a place with the strange double name. Before revolution it was called the Professorial Corner owing to summer residences of professorate, after revolution have renamed, naturally, in the Working Corner. How you it is pleasant to have a rest in a place such name? However, boarding houses of type "Metallurgist", « the Miner of Vorkuta » and so on - classics of the Soviet resort genre! Speak, in it(this) to year the former name have returned. And so, except for public beaches in this Corner is also wild on which nudists/¡áÔÒÓ¿ßÔÙ and range. Approve(confirm), that a place generally the best in vicinities(environs) Alushty.

Along all alushtinskogo shores the chain of departmental beaches lasts continuous. An input(entrance) - or under misses(passings), or paid. In east (left) part of city begin pljazhiki free-of-charge, but also uncomfortable. In this extremity(end) of city mass of not completed boarding houses, pljazhiki intended it(him), yes here does not happen. On these beaches people undresses absolutely without ceremony despite of some presence of the dressed public, here like peaceful co-existence. Generally the place especially cosy to not name, here to reach it is necessary on not completed concrete embankment, water series is not present. Though, probably, now here any messengers of meal, fruit and a drinking already reach. But basically alushtinskie beaches have not inspired us - not the pure water because of an abundance to people. In the same extremity(end) of city have noticed some tents, that us has surprised. For if to pass(take place) further, in hour or so slow the course can find and more picturesque places.

For example - student's camp MEI and (in a following valley) MAI. Energety have ranged more pleasantly, in a narrow shady valley, and except for them there there is nobody more. The camp is rather widely known. Is quite good sportploshchadki, in the evenings - tantsulki, concerts, everyone razvlekalovka, an arm(a hand) to submit up to Demerdzhi. Alushta with taverns - in an hour to a course. East part of their beach already is a lot of years nudist. Permits can be bought(purchased) in profkome institute. But it is possible to stand and in tent - or at a fence of camp (here there are already equipped sites), or on so-called « To mountain ». The camp costs(stands) very picturesquely, above it(him) the local place of interest visible even from Alushty - a huge bowl of a radiotelescope towers. The main problem - water. Moves under the schedule. Because of it(this) their toilet is rather dirtied. But there is a next valley in 20-30 minutes to a course where some boarding houses are had, including - camp MAI. Unlike energetov they live not in small houses, and in the big case, that, certainly, not so conveniently. On a beach many their extraneous neighboring boarding houses. But as a whole too it is cheerful. In this valley with water of problems for some reason is not present! At least - the douche work always. But a kind at embankment more equipped, with any palm trees, grassplots and other pribambasami. And it any more in my taste. In tents normally cost(stand) after camp, hardly further on the east.

This settlement closes a chain of seaside settlements with names of type "Sea", "Fishing" and so forth In Cheerful the winery works, is possible(probable) - from here and the name. Fault(wine), by the way, remarkable. Persistently I recommend. Itself posyolochek in polukilometre from coast. On berezhku - a beach, like quite nice. At the left the shore rests against a hills Sentry-both - the most beautiful place of interest of local places. From Sentry-«íÙ up to the Meganoma (for the Pike perch) lasts, likely, the most tremendous a chain of coastal Crimean landscapes. And all series! At bottom Sentry-«íÙ ranges a camp on manners of the Fox Bay., but people has less, that is why more purely(cleanly). The some people get with tents far enough, simply so along mountains to reach there slozhnovato. My friend put tent directly on huge coastal stones, the some people construct scaffolds between kamenjugami, etc.
Excellent(Different) opportunities:
For degustations
For hikes on mountains and sorties in New Light
The sea in these edges very pure(clean), picturesque bottom(fundus).

The main disadvantage - in August here a donkey so-called Каzантип - festival a rave-music. On it(him) there come thousand guys and little girls. It, probably, too cheerful action, but not for me.

New Light

Ah, what fine place - New Light! Swarm up a net - in a Runet it is piled mass of pictures of this district. And the Champagne … and the Black Doctor … .a Bastardo … eh, is serious about it(this) in the winter to write.

posyolochek small, till August both settlement and a beach very pure(clean). In peak of a season, approve(confirm), masses to people here fall down, charm vanishes. In vicinities(environs) three greater(big) bays and a lot of small. And bays the presents unlike Fox, closed from the sea from three sides as learned(taught). At everyone two names - Dark blue, Green, Blue and, sootvestvenno, Imperial, Predatory, Novosvetskaja. The second as colors can and be mixed have more got accustomed.

Imperial - the most known and kinogenichnaja, is enough to recollect « Single floating », « Pirates XX of a century(blepharon) ». But because of the name - it is excessively popular, hundreds, in my opinion, people pyohom from new light and parohodikami from the Pike perch here come. If them to disperse - ochchchchchen the lovely place would turn out. In August is it is impossible, in June-July people costs(stands) in palatochkah on the western extremity in lesochke.

Predatory - too beautiful, it is well protected from a wind and waves. However, in the central part the groups going on « Golitsyn's Track » normally range (it is a separate song!), therefore wishing позагорать-be bought as it is necessary move hardly to the east - aside Shalyapin's grotto and range on stones.

Tempting enough place - on a yield(an exit) from a bay under an extremity of headland Kapchik. There namyt natural small pljazhik, which for ordinary public difficultly dosjagaem. It is possible to reach by a boat or to reach on a track along a slope of headland. In general a place zhivopisnejshee!

Between New Light and the Pike perch is a little small buhtochek, chosen by ¡áÔÒÓ¿ßÔἿ/nudists. Actually, stark naked people starts to sunbathe at once outside a city beach of New Light (by the way, in July-June - very pure(clean)!) on the east, on huge stones. But further along a shore (to go better on highway) in 15-20 minutes to a course the chain buhtochek, very cosy and nice begins. The some people with galechnymi pljazhikami, the some people with sandy. There are fontanels, people costs(stands) and in tents and the last summer like foresters did not stick. Such bays at least three, last has the name only - CHerepashka named corresponding(meeting) a stone. All buhtochki within reach both from New Light, and from the Pike perch, above them - beautiful mountain the Falcon, marvellous kinds on Novosvetskuju a bay are opened(open). Here only in the first under the bill from New Light sometimes at the western wind the dust overtaken from settlement (packages, plastic bottles) accumulates on water.

To people in July happens a little, sometimes in the first bay we were in general one! In the second - the person 10-20, sometimes brought kiddies ponyrjat with aqualungs (here really beautifully!). Children reacted to bare people easy. Have got used probably.

Pike perch.
Pike perch - zdorovushchy resort small town, in comparison with New Light, naturally. Mass of everyone razvlekalovki on embankment, above city - debris of the Genoa medieval alcoholic content. Approve(confirm). That on concentration kafeshek - small restaurants, etc. the Pike perch has passed(missed) forward only Yalta. The small town nice, a life in him is cheaper, than in New Light. On shore Sudakskoj of a bay - the long sandy traditional beach divided between rest houses, but passage there not only under misses(passings), for money start up too. East part of a bay is formed by headland Alchak - the mountainous education acting in the sea(pestilence) approximately of meters on 800. Here this mysok also is chosen by nudists. A place quite cosy and picturesque. The headland of Meganomas Closes district of New Light - the Pike perch from the east. A grandiose rocky construction! Around of it(him) skin-divers - both a land forms picturesque very(very much) like to dive, and nice it is a lot of living creatures. People or comes from the Pike perch on katerkah, or lives in bays in tents. As mine thus water - I do not know! But I envy. There it is really devilishly beautiful!