Protection against midges and insects. Safety. Putting off(taking out) of camp

The midges and insects - mosquitoes, flies, midges, slepni, botflies, wood lice, a tong, mosquitoes - can deliver a lot of trouble in a hike. Heкоторые from them are, besides, and carriers of causative bacteria.

What insects and when are most active?

Slepni are most active at solar weather, midges - all about light day, mokretsy and mosquitoes - all day and night. Protect from them clothes, various insectifuges, for example preparations "Taiga", "Tabu", “ On a halt ”, cologne "Clove" and others, let out(released) by the industry can. If there are no insectifuges it is necessary to apply other agents. The face, a neck, and ears can be protected, for example, a mosquito net, a hat of the beekeeper, a gauze grid. The self-made mosquito net can be made(produced) from cut across kapron a stocking, tense on rings of such diameter that the bottom part has laid down on shoulders, and upper - on a headdress.

Self-made ointment from the mixed peer parts of pine resin and Vaselinum well frightens off mosquitoes and midges. The grid-mosquito net impregnated by an admixture of a dimethylphthalate (1 part) and the combustible film dissolved in him (4 parts) can serve good frightening off agents for all season and even more longly.

It is possible to slush places of stings of mosquitoes a solution of a teaspoon of baking soda in two glasses of water or ammonia solution. From ticks(mites;tong) is better protects greasing gvozdichnym oil(butter) or a dimethylphthalate. The tick(mite) who has aspirated in a skin, it is necessary to slush with a dense layer of a sunflower-seed oil, Vaselinum, other Adeps. In 30-40 minutes the tick(mite) weakens because of shortage of air and easily leaves. After izvlschenija the tick(mite) wash up arms(hand) with soap or wipe cologne.

Having put on a fire a crude grass, the foliage, the decayed birch, receive dymokur, dispersing insects. The can with smoked coals can be brought in tent, to smoke insects and densely to close an input(entrance).

It is necessary to pour over places of a clump of flies boiled water; it is impossible to leave opened(open) products and their remnants, slops.

Scrubs of a bird cherry which is not loved by flies are good to place camps near. The fresh sage-brush, stalks of a tansy of an ordinary, wild rowan well banish from tent of flies and mosquitoes.

Stings of insects can be treated, slushing the bitten place kneaded leaves of a plantain, a fresh juice of a sage-brush bitter. At stings of bees and os it is possible to use a mother-of-thyme, paslen black, a tansy ordinary, a dandelion. A fresh juice from leaves of plants and white juice of a dandelion put to a place of a sting. To use plants and their juices it is necessary cautiously, some of them are toxicant.

Axes, saws, it is necessary to wear knifes covered. On halts acute instruments put(fold) in one place; it is not necessary to stick them in trees (especially at height of human body height); on a lodging for the night axes put under tent at an input(entrance). As a saw and an axe work necessarily in mittens. Chopping off branches of a laying tree, be on other side of a trunk. Нe throw knifes and axes in trees.

Persons on duty at a fire should be dressed and obuty, have mittens. Kostrovye rogulki, the slat or a rope for a suspension bracket of buckets should be reliable; utensils with hot nutrition, boiled water do not put there where and them can come(step) or overturn them. At cooking it is necessary to use a serving spoon with the long handle.

At using kerosene stoves, especially in tent, it is desirable to have a self-made mobile kitchen. A harmonious(collapsible) frame of kitchen(cuisine) produce(make) from a duralumin corner; casseroles establish(install) in holes of a metal leaf(sheet). Kerosene stoves place under a leaf(sheet) on a support. The frame from sides is closed by glass cloth.

Lighting a kerosene stove, do not bend above it(him): fire can flash a greater(big) torch and roast the face.

First of all, however, it is necessary sobljusti security measures at a choice of a place for camp about what already it has been told above.
Putting off(Taking out) of camp

In the beginning it is desirable to lay backpacks. In the winter or during a rain it is better for making in tent. If warmly and clearly things from tent pull out all and dry. Tent, sleeping bags if necessary turn out inside out, shake out, and also dry on the sun or on arms(hand) at a fire.

Pegs and racks if them do not carry with itself, leave about the combined remnants of fire wood. If in camp barriers, benches, tables are made, them leave in an integrity for other possible(probable) lodgers.

The remnants of waste nutrition leave in the side for wood birds and animals. Dust collect and burn, nonflammable - carry away with itself, and in distant hikes - instill. A fire then extinguish (water, a snow, land).

Before leaving(care) of persons on duty check, whether any things are forgotten, whether fire is well extinguished and whether the place of camp is tidied up.

The parking lot should be left in such state which was before your arrival, or still the best. Come after you this place should like. Needless to say, that alive trees and bushes, wildlife should not suffer from your intrusion. This immutable law should be kept bar none, that will save not only the nature, but also our morals, our morals, our souls(douches).