Festival Sudak 2006

For July, 14th participants of festival " Genoa helmet-2006 " which of the Pike perch will begin on July, 15th in medieval alcoholic content have been registered all. As have reported to our correspondent in organizing committee, there have already arrived many members of traditional clubs of historical reconstruction.

In it(this) organizers of festival prepared year a historical holiday more carefully. For example, are laid down such conditions: everyone should be in "historical" clothes and footwear. Krossovki and T-shorts - only for visitors. It is impossible to establish(install) to participants of festival and tent: only the tents reflecting an epoch. Up to the extremity(end) of July swords and spears will ring here, to whistle arrows. Bugurdy - the dramatized mass battles - will be arranged for spectators 2 times a day. There and then will pass(take place) competitions of tents, suits and an armour.