Kazantip for free

     желтый чемодан казантип whether It is possible to get free of charge on festival Kazantip? It is possible! For this purpose it is necessary... The Yellow suitcase. The yellow suitcase - a national symbol of festival " Каzантип " also entitles visa-free entrance to republic Z. I.e. at presence of the given attribute the input(entrance) on festival " Казантип " will be free-of-charge. Demands to a yellow suitcase and its(his) owner:
1. The suitcase should correspond(meet) to state standards.
2. The suitcase can be any size, but he should be old, classical with the chromeplated corners, well and, certainly, he should be yellow. All cheap fakes which some unfair citizens used, will be recognized void.
3. On the inner side of a suitcase the photo of the owner should be pasted.
4. The yellow suitcase should be registered after arrival to visa department.
5. Being in territory of republic the suitcase (as well as виzа) always should be near to you. At absence at you a suitcase you become the infringer of a visa regimen and are a subject departatsii.
6. Transfer of yellow suitcases to other faces, passage on one suitcase of several faces, a pronose in a suitcase of other faces and contraband is strictly punished by customs services. Suitcases are destroyed, and infringers are burnt on a fire(shive).

Source: Kazantipa.net