Hymn Kazantip

Festival Kazantip to find it is easily - Crimea - Evpatoria - with. popovka - Kazantip. And here to find and skachat new hymn Kazantipa it has appeared much more difficultly. Here I have collected some references(links) applying on a loud rank " Skachat hymn Kazantipa ". Clear business that all from them really is far not deserve this honour.

1. http://www.djboyko.com/z06/sound_shocking_z06.mp3

2. http://bah.promodj.ru/remixes/1940.html  

3.  http://www.bigsound.ru/sound_shocking_kazantipa_net_original.mp3 

4. http://www.vox.com.ua/muzhit/index.php

5. http://fabriolava.promodj.ru/tracks/70.html

6. http://bc-city.com/index.php?showtopic=750

7. http://bc-city.com/index.php?showtopic=750

8. http://www.kazantip.lv/?mod=4