Foot rounds Crimea

We offer foot rounds in Crimea and Carpathians. Our rounds it is the present(true) active foot tourism. Romanticism from the beginning up to the end. All of charm of tourism - a backpack, tent, a fire, only on foot - any machines(cars). To you it will be hard, but nevertheless you will have a rest better than ever. You will see Crimea on the other hand. Look at it(him) from top to down. It is Literally. After such week round, you will be overflown by energy.

We offer 4 standard foot rounds across Crimea, including the basic sights of mountain Crimea:

1) round on 3 canyons of Crimea: Big, CHernorechenskomu and Uzundzhe

2) round on Cave cities and monasteries of Crimea

3) round on the main ridge of Crimean mountains

4) round on caves and falls with call in the Valley of ghosts

All rounds are calculated on the ordinary person and do not demand special technical and physical preparation. It is enough to be able to go.

Are possible(probable) as foot rounds under individual programs.