Diving festival Crimea - 2006

The first diving festival Crimea 2006 on a route: Sevastopol - cape Tarhankut - the Pike perch

1 day: on July, 27th - Celebratory opening of festival in Sevastopol.

Exhibition of programs diving of clubs of Crimea, preparation for competition of underwater routes in Sevastopol, on cape Tarhankut and in the Pike perch, an exhibition of underwater photos and Sevastopol. Presentation of a underwater museum in Balaklava. 2, 3 day: on July, 28-29th - Diving in water area of Sevastopol and Balaklavy.

The competitive routes of Sevastopol presented on festival:

1. Underwater Sevastopol - places of immersings from cape Chersonese up to cape Ajja.

2. Forwarding immersings with participation of underwater archeologists: the sunk cities, excursion to underwater Chersonese.

3. Bays of Sevastopol. The Sevastopol bay, Quarantine, Omega, Cossack, Cane, - underwater and surface excursion on the Sevastopol bays.

Immersings are carried out from coast, boats and boats.

In the evening - Competition of video of the films, devoted to the underwater world of Black sea. A disco and competitions: badi, a carnival of bathing suits, and photos « the Diver on rest »


4 day: on July, 30th - Historical day in history of city - Day of Fleet, parade of the Black Sea fleet of Russia. Celebratory procession - parade in city, national guljanija, a concert on Nakhimov's area. In general, a holiday!

Excursion on dajverskoj to a theme: school of divers of the Black Sea fleet, fortifikatsionnye constructions of Sevastopol, excursion on the Sevastopol bay.

For interested persons ponyrjat - high-grade day of diving in Balaklave.

The Sevastopol spot-check will be closed with 7.00 - 14.00 - sea parade.


5, 6, 7 day: 1 - on August, 3rd. The mobile camp of Festival sends to a campaign on cape Tarhankut. Wishing to continue rest in Sevastopol, continue to dive and have a good time actively. The program is sated(saturated) as immersings so by the coastal program.

Immersings on Tarhankute - competition of underwater routes proceeds.

The plan of immersings: 2 underwater museums on cape Tarhankut, the most beautiful tarhankutskie sites.

Immersing on the sunk ships in area oz Donuzlav and Evpatoria.

In the evening - seminars of underwater archeology, a rate rifostroenija, festival and a disco.

8й day: on August, 4th - Diving the festival is put forward on the Pike perch. A concert on quay a disco.


9, 10 day: on August, 5-6th. Diving - competition of routes proceeds in the Pike perch: in the Evening - seminars of underwater archeology, a rate rifostroenija, festival and a disco.

10 days, on August, 6th Closing of festival. Delivery of prizes. Competition of divers on the most fascinating underwater route of Sevastopol, cape Tarhankut and the Pike perch.