My Backpacking Trip

Backpacking can be lots of fun,
When you are out in the sun.
Working hard and stomping your feet,
To every single little beat.
As the day grows longer, the weather gets hotter,
Just make sure you drink enough water. Finally we stop to take a rest,
Giving every effort our best.
Setting up tents under a starry sky,
We lay down for some shuteye.
Dreaming dreams of when we'll be home,
As we sleep within our temporary home.
As we wake up to a glorious day,
All our troubles have faded away.
Eating our breakfast, cooking our lunch,
Mix it together and you have brunch.
We eat our dinner and head on home,
We are now gone from the wild to our real home.

About the Author

My poem about my first trip. Eleven years old. Kingwood Texas
Kimberly Barr