The report on a hike on Carpathians on July, 17-23th 2005

it is pleasant to meet friends. It is twice pleasant to meet them them in mountains. And simply improbably it is pleasant to learn{find out} that to you with them on a way. I conducted in Gorgany group of Lithuania and on have met at station in Ivano-Frankovsk the Kiev friends. Further we have gone{send} together.. Mountains from first seconds have let to us know, that it will be for a hike. Having forwarded on the bridge we have appeared... On other I protect. And other coast has appeared.. A continuous bog. The past on last nedel rains have transformed into a dirt all soil tracks. We yet did not know, but all next week we should knead this grjazjuku all day long. We did not know and that it DIKO is pleasant to us.

мост через реку молода - карпаты танки грязи не боятся - карпаты это я - сосредоточенно перебираю ногами

Still we liked local jungle. Green fur-trees, green mosses and green paporotniki in a combination with gystym (and thank God not green) a fog have created excellent{different} illusion of damp tropics. However was at all so zharko and it is stuffy as in dzhunljah, for what we have repeatedly told thanks the nature.

карпатские джунгли - дождевые леса горганы - каменные россыпи в карпатах заказ над горами - карпаты

In this hike we actively moved. But probably movements was a little, force raged in us and every day people conceived any zavarushku. Game in vyshibalochku, fencing by backpacks and other valiant entertainments. Or it is the moon on us so operated{worked}?

драка за еду куча-мала луна над елками - карпаты

And we went really shustro. The plan for a hike have executed and have exceeded. And it not looking at that that few times particularly adhered - that descent{release} on a channel of the mountain river, veernye razvedovatelnye sorties on half-day.

путь по хребту - горганы, карпаты Натика из Киева вся группа в сборе

 And in the end of a hike we have sat down{lodge} on the sun and cut a bucket of tea with mountain travkami. Have thrown a sight at mountain tops, flowers under legs{foots} and potopali further.

Света и Андрей из Литвы одинокий странник охотники на привале (т.е. туристы загорают)