Winter hike in Gorgan (mountain Grofa)

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A winter trip to the Carpathian Mountains with overnight lodging in a touristic house (a hut with a stove) in the Pollenka Polonina. From this shelter, we will make a radial foray into the neighboring peaks of the Northern Gorgan Mountains. Namely - we go lightly to the mountain Grof and Mount Parenki.

Ivano-Frankivsk - Osmoloda - Polonina Plisce - Grof city (1748m) - Parenki (1735m) - Ivano-Frankivsk

Route :

1 day. Ivano-Frankivsk, Osmoloda (720 m).

село в Карпатахгорные гуси в Карпатахзима в Карпатах - селозима в селе

Group gathering at 10 a.m. at the railway station in Ivano-Frankivsk. Meet the instructor distributes products and rental equipment. Go by bus in Kalush, there are transferring to a bus in cosmology. In total it can take up to 5 hours. But at desire it is possible to significantly accelerate the process is to order a minibus. And then we will be in Osmoloda after 2.5 hours.

On arrival in Osmoloda placed overnight in local hostel (a very cool place - need a winter sleeping bag) or in a private house (paid separately). In the evening we go for a walk to the monastery of St. Andrew, which is located nearby. < / br> Distance: 3 km

day 2. River Kotelett, mountain valley Plistse (1460 m).

дорога в горы, Карпатынабираем высотупривал в лесу зимой пришли к приюту

Most of the day will take a gradual climb through the forested river valley Kotelett. And only in the end of the path will be steeper 200 metre rise to the meadow Plistse (1460 m), where is a good tourist shelter (plenty of space). Until it got dark collect firewood should be reserved two days in advance, because tomorrow it will not be time. Melt the stove, dried and heated :) < / br> altitude: 800 m Distance: 10 km

3 day. The left for Grof (1748m), left for, Of parenki (m).

тропа по снегусмереки в снегупурга в походегоры снег тучи

To be able to carry out all planned we need to Wake up early in the morning and as soon as possible to gather. Sleeping bags, food and other baggage left at the shelter, and to output a only take warm clothes (halts) and tea in the thermos. We will start with Radialka the mountain Grof - the first 100 metres of climb through pine forest, then proceed to comb studded with green stones on it (Gorgan) and go to the top 200 vertical meters, 800 horizontally. But do not think that such a small distance will be easy for us "swallowed". And if I get a lot of snow, this kilometer can easily spend more than two hours. Conquering the summit, Grof (1748m) we return to the shelter, very quickly eat and go to the second left for the mount of Parenki (m). Of course, there is the possibility that we are the weather turned bad and we will cancel the second left, but let's hope for the best. In any case, take the lanterns in the winter night hike constantly comes on the heels. < / br> altitude: 900 m Distance: 8 km

4 day. Descent in Osmoloda, return to Ivano-Frankivsk.

зимнее утро в карпатахзимняя сказкаснова спустились в селоИвано-Франковск зима стометровка

Our winter hike in Gorgan ends just as it began - the ten transition along the river Kotelett. Will go down in Osmoloda should strictly to a specific time (the bus runs 1 time per day) so we start early. From Osmolody go in Kalush and later in Ivano-Frankivsk. Return tickets take trains starting from Ivano-Frankovskaya earlier 21:00. < / br> Length: 10 km

Map winter hike in the Gorgany

Numbers indicate locations of nights. Green dots represent points of interest along the route. The red line is the route itself.

tour Cost: 1200 UAH