Route :

1 day. Ivano-Frankivsk region Verkhovyna, Shybene village, mountain valley Vesnyanka.

зимний поход в Карпатытропежка по снегуколыбы на полонинев колыбе в Карпатах

The group meets at 10 a.m. at the railway station in Ivano-Frankivsk. The instructor checks the "staffing" of the participants, distributes products and rental equipment. Sit on the bus, go to Verkhovyna (2-3 hours). There then take the bus going to the village Shybene (another 2 hours), from where we begin the winter campaign. If you gather a large group, instead of the slow buses, you can go to the start of the route on a custom-made van. Shybene is located very close to the Romanian border, then on duty at the checkpoint guards, so be sure to bring your passport (normal, civil).

Take out of the backpacks, trekking poles (highly recommended), put on Shoe covers and start the trip. Go on a dirt road through a coniferous forest. Climb smooth and very long. He reached the mark of 1450 meters we find ourselves on the extensive mountain (mountain pasture) Vesnyanka. Occupied by one of the pastoral houses. Sawing wood, melted "the evening", cook dinner and as soon as possible go to bed (girls on the wooden planks, the guys on the floor). Tomorrow - early rise. < / br> altitude: 700 m Distance: 6 km

day 2. Mountain PIP Ivan Montenegro (2028 m), the ruins of the Observatory "White elephant".

Черногорский хребет - зимаобсерватория Белый слонвнутри обсерваторииспуск с горы Поп Иван

Today is a very long day - we need early enough to walk to the top (without shipping) and return to the hut. So get up before dawn, eat Breakfast, fill the thermos of hot tea. Regardless of the current weather on the ascent should take a maximum of warm clothes, a raincoat!) and a flashlight.

The first half of the ascent again goes through the forest (it's good - there is shelter from the wind). On the way we pass mountain lake Maricheika. Then play on the open slope and continue slowly to climb among the piled snow dwarf. Once on the summit we climb into the Observatory "White elephant" and dine under the protection of its walls. Short vacation, photo shoot, turn back. Afternoon return to welcoming the shanty.

altitude: 800 m Distance: 11 km

3 day. Descent in Shybene, return to Ivano-Frankivsk.

обледеневший крест в Карпатахснегопад в зимних КарпатахпривалИвано-Франковск зимой

Collect things and get down to Shybene on a familiar trail. From the village go to Ivano-Frankivsk. Theoretically, we should arrive there by 19:00. But just in case, return tickets take trains starting no earlier than 21:00. < / br> Length: 6 km