"Carpathians light" - sightseeing tour

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A comfortable way to get acquainted with the Carpathians - accommodation in private estates, transfers by minibus, a rich program, where one-day hiking trips to the mountains and excursions to palaces, castles, waterfalls and thermal springs are competently alternated. All expenses are already included in the tour price.

Lviv - Kamenka Waterfall - Latorsky Pass - Boronava Polonina - Waterfall Shipot - bunker of the Arpad Line - Schoenborn Castle - Mukachevo - Palanok Castle - thermal waters Kosino - wine cellars in the village. Seredne - Uzhgorod - Nevitsky Castle - Lumshory - Polonina Runa - waterfall Partizan - Lviv

tour Program:

1 day. Lviv, Latarski pass, a waterfall, sauna heater, Pylypets

Львов - центральная площадьпанорама с перевала Менчил у Воловцадеревянная церковь в Пилипценациональная кухня - венгерский банош

  Meeting the group in Lviv railway station at 10:00 local time. You can come and spend a day or two in Lviv. We will help find affordable housing in the center.

Ship stuff in a minibus, the journey begins. We depart from Lviv on the road in the direction of the PSC. On the way visit Latarski pass and the waterfall in Kamenka Skolivski Beskydy, call in skorosto to dine. Another pass, then take a shutter, stop being photographed on the background of the mountain range Borzhava.

In the evening come in Pylypets - ski resort and just a nice village with preserved wooden Church of the 18th century. We stay at a private estate, walk around, national dinner.

2 a day. Polonyna Borzhava, mountain Sty (1681 m), mount the Great Verkh (1598 m)

параплан над Боржавойвид с горы Великий Верхвид с хребта Боржававодопад Шипит (Шипот)утро в Карпатах

Things remain in the house, and we light go on all day Hiking in the mountain range polonyna Borzhava. Take a little meal, raincoats and cameras. To save time and strength for the climb will use the cable car (ski "kreselka"). Then walk on the mountain, Sty (Vysokaya point of Borzhava - 1681 m ) and mountain Great Verkh (1598 m)

In the evening return to the house, relax in excellent bath on firewood."

3 day. Mountain hymba mountains (1491 meters), MAGURA mount (1524 m)

вершина Гымбавид с горы Магуравид с хребтабункер линии Арпада

Today one more left for the day. In the morning again slightly coming up on the lift, and then walk up to the top of the mountain hymba mountains (1491 meters). From her on the ridge we go to the mountain MAGURA-Jew (1524 m).

Dine on top, a little rest and go in the opposite way. For a change will go in Pylypets another road, past the village of Izki (known since the 15th century). Overnight in manor.

4 day. Line "Arpad, Shenborn castle, the castle of Saint-Miklosh, thermal bathing Kosino

замок Шенборнов в Закарпатьетермальные купальни Косинотермальные купальни Косинозамок паланок в Мукачево

Have moved out of the estate, ship stuff in a minibus. We go to the village Upper Grabovnica, look where caves and bunkers line «Arpad» (Hungarian defensive buildings of Second World). Then we go on excursion to the hunting castle of the counts Shenborn (1890).

Dine in chinadievo village (first mentioned in the early 13th century), then look castle Saint-Miklosh (15th century), known as the "Castle of Love". Next, point to programs - thermal bathing Kosino. The water temperature is about 40 degrees. They say that bathing in serovodoroda water has healing properties. Well, you need to check :) don't forget your swimsuit!

Dinner and overnight stay will be in a private estate in the village of Sapsan.

5 day. Mukachevo castle Palanok castle, castle of the knights Templar, Uzhgorod, Nevitsky castle

винные подвалы + дегустацияулицы УжгородаСинагога в Ужгородемузей народной архитектуры и быта в Ужгороде

Collect things are going in Mukachevo, watch Palanok castle which dates back to the 11th century. Then, go over to szeretne, visited the famous "Turkish" wine cellars of the 16th century and the ruins of the castle of the knights Templar (13th century).

The next point of the program - Uzhgorod - the main city of the region. Here we look Uzhgorod castle and the Museum of folk architecture and life (the old houses and churches under the open sky). Then we have lunch and walk around town.

In the evening we go to the ruins of the castle (13th century) and finish the day in the village Lumshory, once the hospitable mansion.

6 day. Polonyna Runa (1479 m), Lumshorskyy vats

музей народной архитектуры и быта в УжгородеНевицкий замокУжгородский замокскальные выходы

Today we go nowhere, and go in for quite a long walking tour (12 km one way) to the top of the mountain polonyna Runa (49 m). Apart from relaxing on the mountain scenery can be viewed abandoned missile base during the Cold war. In combination with stories instructor all this creates a wonderful post-apocalyptic picture :)

On the way back, get acquainted with another local attraction - lumshorskyy vats. This is a kind of alternative to the hot springs is a huge cast-iron boilers that can "cook" (the water temperature is about 40 degrees) up to 6 people. In our estate features such Chan and to our return water will already have :)

7 day. Waterfall Partisans, Polyana, return to the city

ракетная база на полонине Рунавид с горы Полонина Руналумшорские чаны

After Breakfast go for a walk to the waterfall Partisans (5 km one way). Then moved out of the estate and heading towards the city. On the way we will stop in the village of Polyana, famous for its mineral water, and then stop for lunch on the already familiar to us Latarska the pass, which also can be skimp on the market of suvenirov.

Around 18:00, we will arrive to Lviv, the Central railway-station. Tour "Karpaty empty finished - you can go home, and you can again to stay a couple of days in Lviv.

  The instructor can make changes in the route!

Price: $500

Payment in UAH according to the current commercial exchange rate on the day of payment.

Discount of $20 dollars everyone who writes holidays .

price includes:

the cost of the tour is not included:

Terms tour

Group size from 3 to 12 people. Possible participation of families with children from 10 years. Please note that we have many long journeys, so make sure in advance that the child can tolerate the road.

The pedestrian part of the route passes on a good dirt trails, does not contain any really difficult areas, and requires no marching experience. However, you will need patience and a certain amount of physical form :)

When staying in estates may 2, 3 or 4 guests. Your wishes write in advance.