"Castles and waterfalls of Transcarpathia" - a cycling tour

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Transcarpathia is famous for its castles! In this bike tour through the Carpathians we will see both well-preserved masterpieces of architecture, and much depleted, but not lost their attraction ruins. Also we will not pass by natural wonders: numerous waterfalls that give rise to rapid rivers; opening from polonin peaks and breathtaking mountain roads (asphalt 120 km, soil 30 km).

Uzhhorod - Perechin - Lumshor waterfalls - polonyna Runa - Turya Polyana - Chynadiyevo - Mukacheve

Route cycling trip :

1 day. Uzhhorod - Nevytske - Perechyn - Lumshorskie waterfalls . вокзал в Ужгороде Невицкий замок Лумшорские водопады дорога на полонину

Group Meeting in Uzhhorod on w \ d station at approximately 10:00-11:00 am. In Uzhgorod are several trains from Kiev and Moscow .

Near the railway station in the historic center of the city will see one of the main attractions of Transcarpathia - Uzhgorod castle . The first mention of the fortifications on this site belong to the 10th century . Later the castle withstood many sieges , and now used as a museum.

Leaving the city , go to the village of Kamenica , where high on a hill above the river valley Oh , there is another castle , 13th century - Nevitsky . Let it not as well preserved as Uzhgorod , but its ancient walls and towers will take the imagination of the distant past , and the view of the valley will not leave anyone indifferent.

Continue our way through the Carpathian village along large rivers and in the late afternoon to come Lumshorskim waterfalls. The best known are 5 of them and each has its own name . Although the height of these waterfalls and high ( from 2 to 6 meters), but picturesque and affluent are not inferior to their higher counterparts .

Near waterfalls first overnight .

Distance : 55 km, entirely on asphalt .

2 day. Polonyna Fleece - VAR . Voevodin - Falcon rocks . Комсомольское озеро Полонина Руна Воеводин водопад Лумшорские водопады карпатская дорога

Today we expect only natural attractions. What is stored and Bicycle Tours in the Carpathians.

In the morning, start climbing on a beautiful beech forest dirt road past the lake with the surprising title "Komsomolsk " poloniny Fleece . She also known as Polonyna Flat, located in the western part Poloninskogo ridge and its highest peak reaches a height of 1480m .

Plenty of admiring opening on all sides mountain scenery , start the descent. On the eastern slope Polonynas Fleece originates a small river of the same name Vojvodina beautiful waterfall falls from a height of 9 meters.

Just to the south- eastern slopes Polonynas is ornithological reserve " Falcon Cliff" where rare birds nest as eagles , falcons , vultures , eagles and falcons .

Overnight on the mountain river in a beech forest .

Distance : 30 km , completely on the ground .

3 day. Turia Glade - Carpathians - Chinadievo - Mukachevo . замок Шенборна на Закарпатье замок Паланок в Мукачево во дворе замка Паланок

Today , continuing to enjoy the natural wonders of the Carpathians, will slowly descend into " civilization."

In the Carpathians Carpathian village in the sanatorium "Carpathians" see beautiful Schonborn Castle - the former residence and hunting lodge graphs Schonborn . Built in neo-romantic style and has 365 windows on the number of days in a year . The castle is located in the center of a large park , planted with rare trees and shrubs.

Finish our cycling trip in Mukachevo . Its main attraction is Palanok Castle ( Mukachevo Castle ), located on the mountain of volcanic origin, height 68m . This unique architectural fortification to the Middle Ages , combining several styles , first mentioned in the 11th century . Uphill to the castle can be seen from all the surrounding neighborhoods, and from the castle offers a panorama of the city of Mukachevo , where we get down to catch the evening " Kiev " train.

Distance : 65 km, entirely on asphalt .

The instructor can make route change !

Map cycling trip Numerals indicate roosting places . Green points - points of interest along the route. Red line - the route itself .

bicycle route in a larger map

Tour Price: $88

Discount 50 hryvnia ( 200 rubles ) to everyone who writes review of the campaign .

Price includes : Three meals a day on the route, instructor , health insurance .

The price does not include : equipment rental < / a>, transfers ( 20 hryvnia ) .

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