Carpathians Sea Eye - bike tour to the lake Sinevir

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Bike trip to Sinevira - the largest and most famous lake of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Synevyr is located in the inner massif of Inner Gorgan Mountains. The path to it leads through picturesque Carpathian passes along the fast-moving mountain rivers. To come to him on his two-wheeled friend is the dream of any bicycle tourist who comes to the Carpathians.

Volovets - Pilipets - Mezhgore - Lake. Synevyr - Freedom - Mind - Benefit - Morshin - Stryj


1 day. Volovets - Pylypets - Soimy - Mizhgirya. 55 km (asphalt/soil km - 55/0)

Виадук возле Воловца (Антонио Рактер)церковь Святого Духа (Юрий Репало)водопад Шипот (Олег Григорьев)дорога вдоль реки Репинка (Дмитрий Черкасский)

  Meeting the group in Volovets at the railway station at approximately 9:00-10:00 am. Through Volovets are several trains from Kyiv and Moscow.

  After collecting rental leave from Volovets and headed towards the village Гукливый, where is one of few remaining in Transcarpathian wooden churches of the 18th century - the Church of the Holy spirit. Next, breaking our first Carpathian mountain pass, we go down in S. Pylypets village to one of the most beautiful in Transcarpathia waterfall Shypit. It is located in the upper reaches of small rivers Pylypets rapidly flowing from one of the highest peaks of Borzhava - mountain Velyky Verkh. Water in a waterfall falls numerous picturesque cascades total height of 14 meters.

  Then our way goes along the borzhavsky ridge along the valley of R. Репинка through of soimy and horseback riding. We spend the night for Mezhygirya near Межгорсого pass.

2 day. Per. Mizhgirya - oz. Synevyr Is The Freedom. 40 km (asphalt/soil km - 25/15)

Теребля (Тихая)озеро Синевир (Алексей Лебедев)Синевир в Карпатах (Сергей С)Свобода (Алексей Лебедев)

  In the morning, we go down from pass and inspect the facilities of the Arpad Line. Arpad line, which stretches for 600 km, created by Hungarian troops in the years 1943-1944, as a defensive line against the advancing red Army.

  Next, we head to the national Park Sinevir. Go to the pearl of the Carpathians - beautiful reserved lake Synevyr. Plenty of admiring Hoveyan legends lake, head to the C. Freedom, which is sometimes called «the edge of the world» - so far it is from our habitual civilization in the heart of the Internal Gorgan.

  The village Freedom there are some real Carpathians with a dirt road along a small stream in the dense coniferous forest, where we will spend the night.

3 day. R. Switch - Go - Benefit - Morshyn - Stryi. 65 km (asphalt/soil km - 50/15)

лесная дорога в Карпатах (Дмитрий Черкасский)узкоколейка в Карпатах (Дмитрий Черкасский)карпатский трамвай (Дмитрий Черкасский)Моршин (Валерий Лябагов)

  Today we are waiting for basically just descents. Keep enjoying mountains, forest, swift streams, flowing down from the summits. In berry period valley of the river Switch is replete with blueberries, blackberries and wild strawberries, which will be very weary move to us :).

  Drive along the old mountain railway, which in times gone by was used during logging. In the village Benefit now you can see the monument to the Carpathian tram - steam train that used to go on this railway.

  On the road Stryi, the final destination of our route, we will stop in the town of Morshyn - one of the most famous Spa resorts in Ukraine. In Stryi also come closer to the evening, to quietly catch the evening Kiev» train.

  Instructor can make changes in the route!

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The figures indicate the locations of nights. Green points - points of interest along the route. The red line the route.

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tour Price: 650 UAH (around 2600рублей)

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cost not included: equipment rental, transfers (from UAH 20).

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