Hike - not walk through the meadow

Сушим спальник Report hike across Crimea Crimea Canyons July 2013. Author: Maria Romanova. Rating: 4.5 Want to share your travel experience a small part in the campaign. The story will be of interest to anyone who is going to go camping for the first time, and especially girls, who have never even could not imagine that ever dare to go to such and "walk." I'am a City girl is not too accustomed to an active form of leisure , but I was always interested in any kind of tourism . Hike was for me a test of strength and endurance . Just want to note that , as it became clear to me just now , the campaign - not a walk through the meadow , especially when you go into the mountains. On the day you have to pass 5 - 10 km. Descents and climbs await at every kilometer . Weather conditions can bring , as indeed happened with our group. At this point in more detail. Nothing boded trouble , the sun shone bright and fun . We stocked sunscreen and sunglasses, with a shawl over her shoulders from the sun and already imagine how will cool in ice-cold mountain streams after heavy hot junction. But none of the above came in handy , as almost all the days of heavy rain poured down . The whole group on the second day on wet through to the skin - clothes wet, wringing , wet sneakers were until the end of the campaign . But it was not too hot most of the time )))) And the problem freshen up ( wash ) was not as sharp as it usually happens in campaigns . In general, the more fun it was :) ) Water hlabyschet top of all , under the feet of all flow - floating , mud floods sneakers , very slippery slope , with panama dripping sky and thinks razvidnyatsya and only optimism and good mood can support combat spirit at this moment . Now just convinced it is better not spare money and buy the best raincoat to stay a little bit dry , more importantly, keep the backpack . On a result of this day , we approach all terribly soaked and frozen. So , coming into the parking lot , somehow started to dry ( rain all goes ) , warm campfire I want to say about the physical exertion out in the mountains . Of course, this is far from easy . Stepping high lifting hips and balance on the way down , crawl over the rocks up and down , and sometimes over a cliff , it is difficult , but possible. Though organizers and write on sites that everyone can go without much physical training , it is not so . Well be intermingled at least to some physical activity. My training - a few years of step aerobics , hiking and cycling in the city and in the country as far as possible )) So , if you continue to shop or do not go to work , the campaign will be hard to impossible . Hiking in the mountains is hard labor . It has been several days after the end of the campaign . You can talk about the overall experience . While the young and full of energy , it's time to experiment . I had such an opportunity - to learn the Crimea on the other hand , to test their strength , to discover something new. Now many household things 'm much simpler and at least heavy rain just do not scare me , and the lack of hairstyles as such is not a big problem ))) Terms hike contrast sharply with my everyday life and I am very glad that visited in the campaign - although during the campaign such a feeling was not) )))) , saw beautiful places of the Crimean Mountains , met nice people. In short , I advise everyone ! At least you'll know what a campaign, and as a maximum - has its own charm in camp life and want to repeat .