Turkish mosaic

Каппадокия Report Cappadocia Trekking in Nepal in May 2013 . Author: Victoria Pogodina . Rating: 4.5 Yes , Cappadocia - a fairy tale ! Real . Though they brought a bunch of pictures from a trip , they were only partially convey the impression that we were surrounded during the journey . Smells, sounds , sensations - all Photo will not give . To fully developed picture , you need to go there and feel very rough sandstone stone palms fungus get into the cave city , walk along the cramped underground corridors , to feel how people lived - too small, as in our opinion . But in security. Bus stop we found quite easily turned a little harder to exchange local lira - in the bank rate is not very helpful , so that with the help of Ukrainian students that there were practices - thanks to them - have found another option - the local mail, at the same time we were given a free as souvenirs several postcards with native species - a trifle, but nice) ) ) Before meeting with the group remained almost the whole day , so it was a little time to get acquainted with Antalya , which we were engaged . In the evening, all loaded on the bus - and forward , in Cappadocia. Утро в Анталии Woke up in the morning , generally slept , roads in Turkey are good bus goes softly , and the window - that's really been unexpectedly (though warned ) - huge bright balls . This tourists coming from everywhere on the balloons rise to meet the dawn . With champagne )))) . Stunner ! As we approached , they've dropped , so we then early in the morning went up to the observation deck to all first consider and take-off and landing. Отель в скале And when disembarked , we waited for another pleasant surprise - we will live in a cave hotel . Exotica) . The four of us settled . Cool room , only the front wall completed and have all the walls , floor and ceiling - rock traces cutter . Despite the hot weather , the room was cool , no air conditioning is not needed. весна Describe in detail the route I will not, not to repeat it on a site there . Only impressions . Come settled - and immediately went to get acquainted with Cappadocia . Amazing place . Not understand , then ended the spring or summer begins , we often met flowering trees , shrubs, flowers and just . Like spring. But further down the road we met a local family gathering in a small field pretty large crop of potatoes. So , maybe the summer. Офис в каменнм грибе Generally the local population adapted to use cool caves and natural rock formations , and housing, and the office can simply ennoble issue , and not bother with the construction . And cheaper , and attracts tourists - for us it's exotic . Well done, one word.