Checking the strength

Report a hike on Carpathians Svidovets and Gorgan 01.09 - 06.09.2013g . Author : Julia Kozina . Rating: 5 How to start a campaign ? With the choice of the route , collecting backpack or a first step along the forest trails ? For me - to define a set of experiences , which I then took home . Heard from someone that tourism as a good relationship , every time I want everything bigger, steeper , higher and higher. This year , going to the mountains, I chose a complex foreign campaign . But at the last moment and had to abandon the route change to " Svidovets and Gorgan " hike on Carpathians . What I later without a moment's regret . Especially because the weather conditions made ​​a real test of strength . Route we started , as usual , on the contrary . Arriving in s.Bystritsa and scattering products , began the long ascent . I must say that the group selected a small ( only 8 people ), consisting of people walking in the mountains is not the first time. It was the first day, the group assessed the physical fitness and rain clouds , floating in the sky , I thought , " will be no mercy ") ) . Special thanks I want to express my trekking boots , though they mercilessly rubbed my feet , because of its novelty. No sneakers , even the most-most , would not have coped with blurred Carpathian trails . The first 3 days we literally walked in the mud , met and streams flowing down the slopes. Believe me, on what is not worth saving , going to the Carpathians , it's - shoes . Dry feet for much . Along the way, we got a wonderful glade c benches and even swing. Overnight planned for the first day pass Legions , so we went on. Along the way, a local resident treated us porcini mushrooms , so dinner was a cheese soup with mushrooms and rain. Setting the tent and began to kindle a fire , the third part of the group hid from the rain in a tent. By the way , rain - another very necessary thing (or jacket + pants membrane ) . I had only membrane jacket, what later came to regret . I must say that under the patter of rain on the tent excellent sleep. In the morning, the sun came out and the rain stopped . According to the complexity was an easy day , we walked a short time, decided to move a complex part of the route for tomorrow and stay at the foot of g.Durnya . And then 8:00 boiled buckwheat with mushrooms . Perhaps the blame mushrooms) Although mean they were like white ) ) And here is a fungus that I photographed along the way. Not edible , but very beautiful . The third day was a test of strength . Beginning with the hour of the day without ceasing drizzling rain . In addition, we climbed the ridge ( started Gorgan ) , and there was strong and cold wind . Even insanely beautiful views somehow could not distract from the idea that a cup of hot tea and a warm blanket you would give anything in the world. In fact , I love those moments . They help us to understand how valuable are actually something ordinary things of our daily lives .