what's next?

Отзыв о пешем походе по Крыму Comment on foot march to the Crimea on the route, "Water and Stones" in September 2012.
Where to begin, perhaps, with the itinerary and fees?
In the campaign we've never walked, idea of ​​what to expect in the way, were very vague and based on stories from friends. But these stories of strife, "a pleasant walk with photographs and an overnight stay in a beautiful place," to "this is for the city dweller is very hard, every gram is important in a backpack. Beautifully only in pictures, but in reality heavy and monotonous work." In general, stories, and advice we were given very different people, from which we have only made a couple of useful lessons.
1. In the first campaign is better to go with a large group and instructor.
2. Do not expect that someone will take what might we need (eg, knives, flashlights, or drugs).
After we loaded backpacks, and the place of collecting them reload common products, my backpack weighed about 23-25 ​​kg and 12-13 kg backpack wife.
The beginning was surprisingly difficult. Much of the route, which had to be completed in the first day was downhill, and the angle of elevation was getting more and more. Rose almost vertically through the winding paths of the plateau Chater-Dag, somehow remembered stories of friends who sang of difficulties and hardships. Willy - nilly come to mind thought "E-mine if this is just the beginning, what's next?". But after getting it turned out we were the most difficult section of the entire route. Even once it became sad.

We spent the night in the day on a military base, a tent camp in a vacant lot in front of the buildings. Here participants can hike the last time not to use the facilities in the bushes and a hot shower for a small fee.
на привале">в походе

The second day gave us a walk along the nearly flat surface of the plateau with a slight rise and then a sharp rise and then pretty downhill. Can someone come to expect from the descent easy, as it does when descending the stairs, but in fact more difficult steep steep climb. Leg muscles are constantly tense, you can not step on a straight leg, the sole should be placed so as not to slide down the pebbles, of which in plenty enough for all paths. Someone managed to descent faster, someone first had to wait in the shade of the trees along the way looking at the beauty. First was a steep descent on a bald rocky terrain, and then went downhill for woodland. Most of us, being on the mountain, quite burnt, and the shadow of the tree crown was all in fun. The night we were up at the lake Kutuzovsky, which in fact was completely parched and overgrown with grass, it melancholy grazed cows, and strive with the same kind of melancholy walk around our camp. But they decided the question is quite simple with the help of available items and a mother.
крымский поход">крым

At the bottom of the dried lake grew much melissa, from which the stake is obtained simply wonderful tea. The third day we went into the descents and climbs the mountain forests. A couple of times we went to the hill with a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape and sea, along which we were moving all the days that followed. Attractions that have been declared for the day, we did not show, but I personally had enough and the route. Loved the long movement of the path, which surround the hillside. Solid ground beneath you, and 30 cm on the right cliff of 700 meters. In this way can not be considered a raven, to look at his feet, and look around a wonderful view can only be stopped. A look at what is there.
на рюкзаке">пляж

I remember a huge amount of flies. If anyone has a mosquito net, then you need to take the necessary. These little contagion just obleplivayut all exposed parts of the body. At first they try to round up the arms and legs, but then you realize that if they drive away from the hand, they walk into the face. So you get used to them quickly. Subsequent days is no different. Hike, downhill slopes, there was a mobile communication. Waterfall Jur-Jur was remembered by hundreds of tourists, who were very high contrast compared to the desolate mountain paths. A very memorable evening gatherings around the fire and play in the mafia. If you look at the statement on the route, we have it he did not comply. Perhaps because of its simplified features of the participants. But personally, I was critical of the process, and not some popular tourist gems.

At the end of the route, Fishing in the village, we decided to stay for a few more days. Initial plans to be anywhere near the sea with a tent failed because or private property, or bare rocks. As a result, dined on the rocky shore and went settled by the locals and take a hot shower rasprekrasny. Of the group, we were not the only ones who have decided to live a little on the sea, so we had someone to spend time and socialize.

I was pleased with the campaign and his wife support me. We got a great first experience of walking in the Crimea, and it sure will continue.

Alex Yudin