"Hiking to Kazbek" - Trekking in Georgia

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Going to Kazbek is not a climbing climb to the summit (although we also know how), but only slightly complicated trekking (hiking) to the most famous mountain of the Caucasus ... By the way, did you know that it was here that was chained to the rock Prometheus? So, its already released - we checked :)

Tbilisi - Ananuri - Georgian Military Road - Kazbegi - Tsminda Sameba - Orzveri Glacier - base camp Kazbek (meteorological station) - firn plateau of Kazbek (4300) - Stepantsminda - Tbilisi

Plan a hike.

This route was originally planned as a pleasant addition to the program, a campaign to Svaneti. Therefore, it is assumed that participants have a good trip acclimatized, last night came in the Tbilisi, otmylis and shaved, distributed food and equipment, and the morning of the "first day" wake up fresh and ready for new adventures.
Day 1. Ananuri Fortress, the Georgian Military Road, n Kazbegi Tsminda Sameba, Sobertse Pass.
крепость Ананури в Грузиисмотровая площадка - памятник в честь 200-летия Георгиевского трактата">перевал Соберце Зеленая гостиница 2800 на пути к Казбеку черная вода ледниковой реки

At about 8 am on leave from Tbilisi custom-made van. Before the start of the route (or settlement Kazbegi Stepantsminda) about 3 hours journey. On the way visit the fortress Ananuri and make several stops on the observation deck of the Georgian Military Road - at the "Panorama", the Crusade pass, a waterfall with calcium travertine (sinter formation in Pamukkale). In Kazbegi (1750m altitude) hire minibus-SUV, which will throw us for another couple of hundred meters higher - to the ancient church Gergetis Tsminda Sameba (altitude 2170m). I guarantee you that half of the photos taken today will be this beautiful temple. Lunch, storing water from the source of the church and begin to rise.
Большая медведица над Казбекомвыход на ледник Орцверитропа по ледникупоход на Казбек ">метеостанция на Казбеке вид на Казбек от метеостанции часовня Бетлеми на скале 3915м вид на метеостанцию и стоянку альпинистов от часовни

The trail to the pass Sobertse (altitude about 2700) in principle is simple - is relatively flat travenisty ridge, excellent views, horse hovering on the slopes. However, a continuous set of elevation and gentle Georgian sun wear down your order. In general, the area has very in frequent halts :) Over the pass opens a new "adult" view of Kazbek - a huge moraine, rock slides and snow vysyami. Another half hour and we nenapryazhnogo traverse the river. This is the last adventure for today, on the other side is B, the so-called "Green Hotel" (elevation 2800) - cozy for clearing parking lots and pure spring. To get them you must cross a raging stream of black - just to cross from shore to shore, from rock to rock. But something tells me that many of you will remember this step a long time.
Day 2. Ortsveri Glacier, Base Camp Kazbek (weather station), the chapel Betlemi.
восход ЛУНЫ над альплагерем на Казбекетропа через ледник - поход на Казбекначало зоны обстрела у стены ХмаураЛедник Казбека">фирновое плато Казбека широкая трещина на краю ледника зона трещин на изломе ледника Орцвери широкий каньон за мореной Казбека

Come to the edge of a colossal glacier canyon progryzennogo Kazbek in the distant "glacial" times. About an hour after the start, we go around the area of ​​the icefall, and the trail will jump to land on the ice. Do not worry - it is not slippery and almost smooth. In order to cross the glacier baggy Ortsveri we need about an hour. Then, a short and steep climb and we are on the former weather station (elevation 3660m). Now it is a haven for tourists intending to base camp on Mount Kazbek. We put a tent, checking in at the rescue workers, pay for accommodation (10 lari a tent).
вечерний Казбекпрощальный взгляд на Казбекспуск к храму Самеба Гергетипешеходный мост в центре Тбилиси">летний вечер в Тбилиси

After lunch, we go into the groove acclimatization (about 1 hour) to the chapel Betlemi (altitude 3915m). This strange-looking design (like a ship's cabin) is set on a cliff overlooking the weather station. According to legend there was once a convent Betlemi (Bethlehem) was destroyed at a very curious circumstance. From the top to browse our great future path of the glacier tired and lonely figures of climbers returning from the summit.

We also hasten home - will soon be dark and quite cold (4). And we still have time to have dinner and prepare backpacks for tomorrow's walk.
Day 3. Radial firn plateau in the Kazbek (4300 m), Gergeti glacier wall Hmaura.

Climbers go to the conquest of Mount Kazbek in the night. We have plans for simpler, but to delay the release is still not - with each passing hour the threat of rock falls will be higher. The tents are on the weather, take warm clothing, drinks and a couple of chocolates, go to the Radialka (it takes about 6 hours). Our path, if it so be called, is on the edge of the glacier. It's an endless maze of shafts of red clay and gravel from under which here and there lurks the dirty ice. There can not keep up with the group and go to designated trails - around completely bottomless fissures and underground (subglacial) rivers.

A couple of hours we get to the wall Hmaura. It is composed of loose conglomerate rocks, which are continuously showered and fired every minute Glacier rockfalls. The vast majority of the rocks to the trail does not reach, but can not relax - a dangerous part of going through quickly and with eyes wide open.

The third stage - the firn field before going on the plateau. There is much colder and windy, and besides white snow burns very eyes - useful and sunglasses and hats and gloves to jackets. The height of 4300 meters - many of you will be signs of "gornyashki" - nausea, dizziness, general weakness. On the plateau, do not stay long - photographed against the backdrop of endless snow, a little rest for the folded climbers windproof wall (of snow) and begin the descent.

Returning to the weather station we have dinner, relax a little and begin to collapse the camp. Before evening we should have time to go down to the "Green Room" - it's time to please the body readily available oxygen. We cross the glacier Ortsveri already known, are in for a night on the river.
Day 4. Descent to Kazbegi, drive to Tbilisi.

In the morning we meet again old friend - a bustling black thread. Hopefully, this time forcing you will find an easy task. Like all the way down the next. Towards the new arrivals will be hard to crawl climbers, and we pretty quickly (3 to 4 hours) will slide down, pass the bridge over the legendary Terek. In general Daryalovskom valley is covered every rock legends (and blood?). After dinner in the Stepantsminda, say goodbye to Kazbek, sit in the van and drive back to Tbilisi (3:00). In the evening, traditionally, we go into the restaurant - to celebrate the completion of the campaign. We eat and khinkali khachapuri slightly expire later recall with nostalgic fondness for the cold mountain air.
Day 5. Flight home.

A light breakfast at the hostel, loaded into a taxi, go to Tbilisi airport (30 minutes). It's time to go home.
Map to the Kazbek campaign.

The numbers indicate locations of nights. Green points - points of interest along the route. Red Line - the route itself.
'450 '}
Terms of the tour.

Cpim in tents. Prepare their own meals at the petrol burner (she and other kitchen appliances will be the instructor.) Products purchased for the trip to Tbilisi centrally and distributed to participants in backpacks.

A route can be changed (depending on the weather, our group and you wish). To participate in the campaign against Kazbek required: Experience hiking and absence of medical contraindications.
List of needed items and equipment. Above all, take a spray insect repellent and long-sleeved shirt.
Medical contraindications to participation in a mountain hike.

Tour cost: $ 150
for the tip about the campaign - 10% discount

Payment Procedure: To book a place in the group must pay in advance - $ 50 The money will be used to purchase food and processing of insurance. The remaining amount is paid at the beginning of the tour. In the event of premature exit from the route, the money will not be returned.

The price includes: instructor services, meals on a route march, medical insurance.

The price does not include: Move to the start of the route (15 GEL), living in a hostel in Tbilisi (30 GEL), accommodation at the weather station (10 lari in tents), food at restaurants.
For all of these costs should take a minimum of 100 lari ($ 60) per person.