Children's hike to Demerdzhi (Crimea)

дорога в гору Crimea, 3 days, 25 miles. 600 hryvnia (2400 rubles). Difficulty: Low.
This version of the route of Demerdzhi (the most beautiful mountain in Crimea) for "children" groups, ie consisting of parents with children. In such hike can take children from 5 years. The route is simple, but still it is the mountains, so the child will need constant supervision. And in some areas will have to lead him by the arm. Therefore it is desirable (but not necessarily) that the child would be accompanied by both parents - father drags a heavy backpack (tent, food, sleeping bags, clothing, etc.), and my mother has a child. Usually, the group recruited 3-4 families - children and adults more fun to go to the company. Children aged 5 to 8 years 50% discount, from 8 to 15 - 30%. But really, children older than 13 years can safely take into the adult version of a hike around the Demerdzhi.

Simferopol - Angarsk pass - Glade MAN - MAN Cave - Demerdzhi crown - the top North Demerdzhi - Dzhurla Falls - South Demerdzhi - Valley of the Ghosts - s.Luchistoe - Simferopol.
This is a children's march, and hence the schedule and the entire route will be focused on children. Frequent halts, transitions are small, the early formulation of the camp - for children, even in the campaign needs a lot of time for games and socializing. Parents, too, will not be bored - "outside" the most flash that neither is "adult" mountain landscapes fascinating, exercise distracts from work and household chores.
The route of march for parents with children
Day 1. Simferopol, Angarsk pass, pass Funa, cave MAN.
фото на фоне горы Пхал-Каяпещера Манстоянка в буковом лесу у перевала Фунатропинка на Северную Демерджиинструктор показывает дорогу">тропа Седых волос - траверс Северной Демерджи спуск на турстоянку Джурла скалы над Долиной Привидений вершина Южной Демерджи Долина Привидений в Крыму

Group gathering at the train station in Simferopol (at approximately 11:00). Distribute products and equipment (we have a rental). Next on the bus or trolley ride to the Angarsk pass (about 1 hour on the way). Set down, dress backpacks, kids sprinkles remedy for mosquitoes and plunged into the forest - a children's march began. Go on a wide dirt road along the mountain range overgrown with beech forests Elham-Kai. The first source we will meet approximately 2 hours after the start, so in Simferopol not forget to replenish the water. At first the adults to go hard, and it is easy for children, but soon things will change :)

After another 30-40 minutes to come out of the open area. This pass Funa. By clearing our MAN, chic look ahead to the Demerdzhi, sea, and Alushta. To camp on one of the glades in the vicinity of the saddle. We put a tent, a little snack (children snack on the bus all the way). After that, if there is a desire, it will be light to go to the cave MAN (do not forget flashlights). This walk takes about half an hour and allow a little getting used to mountain trails. Well, the cave itself will not leave indifferent children - we will not go and visit only the first horizontal room, still make their way to the light rays.

Returning to camp, have dinner, the first night in tents.
Distance of 8 km. Climb: 300m.
Day 2. Crown Demerdzhi, the top North Demerdzhi, Dzhurla Falls.
слишком большой рюкзак для маленького туриста">

Breakfast, pick up the camp, continue your way. Do not forget to replenish the water - the next source will be only in the evening! Right from the familiar to you begins the ascent of the pass to a wide rocky ledge - Canopy or crown Demerdzhi. The road along the cliffs is incredibly picturesque, but in order to keep the best safety of children by the hand. Out on the opposite side of the canopy, we take a brief halt to photograph and discuss the important issue. For our purpose - is the top North Demerdzhi two ways: short (it is spectacular) and long (over a wide and safe). I'll have to choose what you are more attractive :)

The top North Demerdzhi - is wide and long ridge covered with grasses and flowers. In the West, see the cliffs of the neighboring plateau - Chatyrdag, in the East - vast expanses of our "own" the plateau - Demerdzhi. Photographed against a background of exotic radioreflektorov at the top, we descend to the neighboring grove, and they will arrange dinner.

After lunch, we continue the descent. Even though we're going to go for a good, natoptannoy trail, but I'm sure that because of the unusual slope of the first half of the descent will seem much more difficult than previous upgrades. Do not worry, it only takes 15-20 minutes and then the trail levels out again, and soon did go into the high road.

We are approaching the tract Dzhurla - picturesque gorge with rocky sides and nostalgic birch trees on the slopes. There is a lake, spring, and many convenient glades for the camp. Occupy one of them. If the forces were able to go (20 minutes one way) to a small waterfall Dzhurla - nothing special, but the kids will love. If desired, you can iskupnutsya or baths under a waterfall, or lake.
The distance of 7 km. Climb: 450 m.
Day 3. Demerdzhi South, Valley of Ghosts, s.Luchistoe, Simferopol.

Today we again have a choice - go for spectacular, but a difficult path through the Valley of the Ghosts, or prefer a more relaxed, gentle trail through the woods and enjoy the Valley of the Ghosts, believe me, too, is not enough. If there is the slightest doubt in his "cross" it is necessary to choose the easy option - it's a children's march. In the event of such a choice, the most active will be able to satisfy his passion for knowledge of the run (and a half hours) to the summit of South Demerdzhi before breakfast. Types of smart out there, which is particularly conducive to good digestion :)

By the end of the walk and breakfast, we will collect the tents, pack bags and go to the bypass path through the forest. The descent will take at least 2 hours, after which we find ourselves at the foot of South Demerdzhi. The spectacle, I must say, impressive - you just do not believe that there were somewhere up there. Stone Valley stolby ghosts ascend to the sky, hovering over the red cliffs Eagles, and on the scorched prairie sweep riders - a real Western! By the way, here in the Crimea, under Demerdzhi shot "Hearts of Three," "captive," "Sports Lottery-82", and many other films.

If time permits, we will settle down to dinner, to enjoy the extra half hour beauty Demerdzhi. After that, collect the garbage (we do not sorim in the campaign) and head to the village of Radiant. Hence we can pick up a custom vehicle, or if you want to save, you can get to the chaise on the highway Simferopol-Alushta and sit there on a trolley. Return tickets from Simferopol should be taken on trains departing no earlier than 18:30.
Distance of 10 km. Climb: 200m.
Map of Children's campaign to Demerdzhi
Accommodations are marked in figures. And the green circles are the objects of interest along the route.
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Tour Price: 600 hryvnia (about 2400 rubles)

Cash at the end of the campaign. We accept only grivny.Detyam in age from 5 to 8 years 50% discount, from 8 to 15 - 30%. For feedback about the campaign discount of 50 hryvnia.

The price includes: three meals a day on the route, instructor services, registration and control and rescue service, medical insurance.

The price does not include: equipment rental, the fee paid for visiting sites and toll turstoyanok (20 to 50 hryvnia), travel (20 to 70 hryvnia).
Terms of the tour.

The instructor reserves the right to change the route depending on weather, group and other factors. This self-hiking. All necessary equipment and food is distributed among the whole group and we are his campaign in backpacks. For more information about our approach to camp life, see the article "How it all happens."
What to take to the children's march?

as the basis, accept our standard list of equipment for the summer of Crimea. But this list is primarily for adults. A child backpack (small town or school) in the campaign only to be in it a small bottle of water and a favorite toy. In no case did not rely on him as some kind of assistance in carrying freight. On the contrary, it is you need from time to time to take a backpack carrying of children are not themselves. Therefore initially do not load it - then you also will be easier.

If two parents come with a small child, you can try to "save" a little bit of weight by taking sleeping two to three. They can be sostegnut lightning and make a big, family sleeping. Again, you can experiment with the three of us living on two mats.

Be sure to look for the child's raincoat - raincoat or poncho, rubberized jacket (look at the second - there are plenty of them). A thin plastic raincoat on the child will not last long - always take a spare. In general, all the baby clothes for the trip must be in duplicate - just in case if your child finds the only puddle on the whole of the Crimea, and decides to swim in it at night looking.

Be sure to take mosquito repellent and from ticks (not included). At every halt inspect the child (first leg), in search of ticks. Try to convince him to move primarily along the paths, rather than the tall grass. In the evening, armed with a flashlight, arrange a more thorough inspection. Always keep on hand (not at the bottom of the backpack, and the valve) prompt a mini-kit - peroxide, plaster and felt-tip pen with green paint. Take a small bottle of alcohol for decontaminating hands - sources of water on the route will only be for the night, and wash your hands and a child will always have.