What to expect from the campaign.

This trip to Svaneti - the pilot, ie, we go there the first time. So it will be very interesting but also very hard. Irregular working (camp) day, very early rises and late finishes, blukaniya in search of parking spaces - all you have to endure with fortitude, or rather not go into this campaign at all. Naturally, the group will only be accepted with the experience of tourists trekking ...

In addition to radishes instructor waiting for you kusyuchie horseflies, pekuchie invasive hogweeds (plant is lopushistoe), frequent crossings and fords, rock slides and sypuha on the route. Yes, the height differences alone are worth a lot. Physical activity is a first-class. Are you ready?

plan a campaign.

Day 1. Flights to Tbilisi

луга горной Сванетии горные грузинские коровы горы Сванетии (Кавказ) долина ведущая к леднику Ушбы (Грузия)

The main part of the group flies to Tbilisi, Georgian Airways (www.airzena.com) from Kharkov. Departure at 10.20, at 13.10 landing in Tbilisi. Settled in a hostel in the city center. Rest of the day walking around Tbilisi, wait until the participants arriving later flights.

Day 2: Drive to Etseri

Early rise. We drive a van across the country. On the way we drink mineral vodichku of the waterfalls, eat something national, acquainted with Georgia. On the road for about 10 hours. To stretch your legs after a long journey, on arrival in the village did not fall immediately Etseri for the night, and we pass a little above the floor Dolinka. Overnight in tents

Day 3: The transition from the pass Etseri tanks in the village Mazeri

долина Мазери (Верхняя Савнетия, Кавказ) водопад на подходах к леднику Ушбы на леднике Ушбы Early start. Slowly picking up speed and form. The height of the pass, which we take today - 2416 meters, so that the habit is not easy. Places to stay in a private guest house in the village Mazeri (altitude 1600m).
distance of 15 km. Total ascent: 1746m, reset: 1556m.

Day 4. Radialka Ushba Glacier

морена (Кавказ, Грузия) в Сванетии кони пасутся на свободе, в горах гора Ушба (4690м), Кавказ  у перевала Гули, Сванетия гора Ушба (4690м), Кавказ закат на Кавказе We leave things in the village, go to Radialka light (we only water, a lunch snack, rain). But let no heavy backpacks do not fool you - go away for a long time (6:00 on the rise, 3 hours to descend.) Our goal - a mark of 2,700 m - Ushba glacier, where the base camp of climbers intending to conquer this beautiful peaks of the Caucasus. On the way we pass several large waterfalls (their origins on the same glacier). In the evening return to the maser.
distance of 18.6 km. Total ascent: 1554m.

Day 5. Guli Pass (2960m).

Ушба с перевала Гули гороное озеро Корулди в Сванетии изумрудные горы Свобода The transition from Mazeri in place through the Guli Pass (elevation 2960m). Along the way, as expected, cross a couple of high-rise areas - first, woods, mountain pastures and then, at the end of the solid rocks. From the pass we admire the new camera angle Ushba also visible range and an array of Tetnuldi Svaneti. On the descent we cross a ravine with a very funky streams. We stop for the night a little below on the first (the second can not be) flat ground (2000m altitude).
distance per day: 13km. Climb: 1697m.

Day 6: Lake Koruldi, Mestia, Zhabeshi

поселок Жабеши на фоне Ушбы поход Кавказ Кавказ, Грузия брод у Адиши In the morning we do a radial output (without backpacks) to nepovtormym Koruldi mountain lakes. Green grass, water surface and snowy peaks behind - a great backdrop for the new avatar :) Returning to the backpacks, and having beaten them in the Georgian ubiquitous cows, we continue the descent to the large village of Mestia. They hire a jeep and drove 19 kilometers to the village Zhabeshi (altitude 1690m). There pem from a source with mineral water (seltzer probably) and slightly go up the hill for the night, with panoramic views.
Distance: 10km, climb: 500m.

Day 7: Go to Adishi.

поход Сванетия дорога к леднику лошади Сванетии на фоне ледника у перевала We continue to climb to the bald ridge with great views. The height of around 2,500 meters - are clearly visible peaks of the Main Caucasian Range, already familiar to us and the distant towers of Ushba Inguri valley. I forgot to tell you about the tower? Svaneti is the same edge of the tower in 1000. In the 9th - 12th centuries proud Svans ponastroili great variety of housing and fortifications. They look very picturesque mountains in the background, giving the valleys of Svaneti special touch. Overnight in the village Adishi (2040m).
distance of 12km, climb: 1276m.

Day 8: Chhutnieri Pass (2740m).

ледопад поселок Ушгули, Сванетия башни Сванетии домашние свиньи живут на улице развалины сванской башни Go along the right bank of the river Adishischali. At the foot of the glacier Lardaadi (formed on a mountain massif Tetnuldi-Adishi) cross the river and begin a steep climb to the pass Chhutnieri (2740m). Along the way, will have to cross many creeks and small streams. At the end of the road we pass the ruins of the legendary Svan settlements for Khalde (a symbol of uncompromising struggle against the invaders.) Housed for the night in the village of Ypres (1890m).
Distance: 14.4 miles, climb: 939m.

Day 9. The transition from Ypres in Ushguli.

долина Ингури радиалка к Шхаре ледник Шхары спуск вдоль реки Ингури If you're lucky, catch any transport, so as not to stomp on the road and spend more time on inspection of ancient architecture (churches, towers, houses) Ushguli community (elevation 2100m). After lunch, climb a little higher up the valley of the Inguri River, to reduce zatrashny way.
distance of 10km, climb: 965m, Reset: 763m.

Day 10. Radialka Shkhara to the glacier.

экскурсия по Тбилиси церковь в Тбилиси улицы Тбилиси необычный пешеходный мост в Тбилиси Hike to the glacier Shkhara takes about 6 hours walk along the Inguri River. On the right side - the plateau of the glacier Namkvani, on the left - Wall Shkhara (5150 m). At an altitude of about 2,400 feet reach the foot of the glacier. Out of his breaks quickly with the water flow noise (the same river Inguri). From time to time break down the snowy glacier boulders and stones. Do not forget to soak shoes, so here again it is necessary to force the numerous streams. If there are forces, climb a little higher on the "skirting" the weather is nice there is visible Kazbek. In the evening return to base camp and retreat toward Ushguli.
Distance: 12 miles. Climb 500m. Day 11

Day 11 Svaneti Ridge.

Leaving the hospitable valley Ushguli and begin to climb the Svaneti Mountains. In the evening arrive at the mountain lake at the pass (2700m). We spend the night in one of them.
Distance: 10 miles.

Day 12. Descent to the Lower Svaneti

Marathon starts - today we need to have time to reset the height of 1700 meters and still keep your knees. Our goal - Mami village (1100 m) in Lower Svaneti.
Distance: 15 km.

Day 13. Drive to Tbilisi.

Again, take the road all day. Relaxing on the bus, listening to the player, are asleep. Late in the evening arrive in Tbilisi, selimsya at the hostel, vainly trying to wash off the sweat clothes :)

Day 14. Tour of Tbilisi.

It's all clear - the old streets, a new bridge, cozy restaurants, a little gift.

Day 15. Return to the Motherland

Early rise to the 6 already at the airport, with a small 8 - departures (in Kharkov and Moscow). Fly for about 2 hours. The house is a stone's throw :) Flight to Kiev leaves at 15:30.

Map of Upper Svanetia tour

Conditions of tour.

Most of the hike we sleep in tents. And only a couple of times - in the guest houses in the mountain villages of Svaneti. Preparing meals on their own, at the stake and the burner (she and other kitchen appliances will be the instructor.) Products for the campaign are bringing with you. They are purchased centrally (the instructor) and distributed in backpacks during a meeting at the airport.


In the itinerary may change (depending on the weather, our group and you wish). To participate in the march of Svaneti are required: Experience hiking and absence of medical contraindications. For travel abroad need a passport :) visa for citizens of Ukraine is not needed. More
  • for review about the campaign - discount of 10% Payment: To book a place in the group should make predolatu - $ 100 The money will be used to purchase food and processing of insurance. The remaining amount is paid when they met at the airport. In the event of premature exit from the route, the money will not be returned.

    The price includes : instructor services, meals on a route march, medical insurance.

    The price does not include : Flight of Georgia - from $ 360 (this is the approximate price for the tickets to both sides); travel around the country, living in a hostel in Tbilisi, accommodation in guest houses on the route, meals at restaurants, the fee paid for visiting sites, all other possible expenses.

    For all of these costs should take at least $ 300 per person.

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