Crimea Winterwanderung

vom 5. Januar bis 7. Januar 2008 (ist die freien Tage(abgabe-) in die Ehre des Weihnachtens) findet peshy die Winterwanderung nach der Bergkrim statt. Im Programm der Wanderung: das Tal der Gespenster, die Hochebene Demerdzhi, die Höhle MAN. Schließen Sie an sich, noch sind 3 freie Stellen(Ort). Das Kosten der Teilnahme in der Wanderung: 60 Dollars vom Menschen. Hierher tritt ein: eine dreieinmalige Ernährung, den Verleih des Zeltes, der Dienstleistung des Instrukteurs.


According to weather forecast from January, 5 till January, 7th 2008 frosts (up to-15) are expected. Therefore spare variants of a route on lower and "warm" tops are considered(examined) some. For example it is possible to go on cave cities (Mangup, SHoldan, eski-¬ÑӼѡ). To live in caves and to represent a glacial age.


If frosts do not frighten you, we shall go on such route:

1 day - a meeting of group in Simferopol, Angarsk pass, mountain Phal-Kaja, Glade MAN, a lodging for the night with a kind on the sea and Alushtu.

2 day - cave MAN, a plateau Northern Demerdzhi, a plateau Southern Demerdzhi, a lodging for the night at falls Dzhurla,

3 day - the Valley of ghosts, descent(release) in Alushtu, returning to Simferopol.

The program very much even sparing: it is not enough kilometers, but beautiful kinds huge quantity(amount).


Also for 3 days it is possible to have time to look: the Grand Canyon and the Ai Petri, or caves chatyr-ñáúá, or Balaklavu and cape Ajja with Laspi. A choice of a route for us.


Here the brief list of necessary equipment: a sleeping pad a tourist, winter sleeping bag, a backpack on 80 litres, reliable footwear, a jacket-ветровка, warm

Winter jacket. There is also more detailed clause(article) about tourist equipment.


 If you wish to take part(participate) in this hike:

1) write or call to me (+380973278698 Cyril)

2) urgently buy tickets to Crimea (on 5-th of January it is necessary to be in Simferopol not later than 11 mornings, and it is better in 9).