National History Museum

Old KievLocated on a bluff above Andriyivsky uzviz, this museum carries forth on a wide range of topics concerning Ukraine's history from prehistoric times up to the present day. There are extensive collections of old books, coins and bills, works of art and archaelogical and ethnographical findings. Behind the museum is a path that leads to a wonderful view from Old Kyiv's highest point overlooking the lower town of Podil. As you walk back, you'll see the outline of a church's foundation, reconstructed with red granite. This was the site of Desyatinna (Tithe) Church, or the Church of the Holy Virgin, which was built in 989. The first church in Kyivan Rus made of stone, it got its name because Volodomyr the Great gave one-tenth of his personal income toward its maintenance. Sadly, Desyatinna Church didn't survive the Mongol invasion of 1240 that burned the city to the ground.

Open 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Wed.

Volodymyrs'ka 2
Tel: 278 29 24