St. Michael's CathedralAm nördlichen Ende der Vulitsa Volodimirska (= Vladimir-Straße) stößt man auf das weithin sichtbare Michaels-Kloster mit den goldenen Dächern und der schönen Michaelskirche. Das Kloster entstand Mitte des 11.Jahrhunderts als Demetrius-Kloster. 1108 entstand die Michaelskirche. Sie wurde im 19.Jahrhundert abgerissen und in den 1990-er Jahren wieder aufgebaut. The monastery complex itself was enlarged, a bell tower to the cathedral and gates built. The Ukrainian getman Skoropadskiy added wonderful icons to the cathedral during that time.

It is hard to believe it now, but in 1934 the government of Soviet Ukraine decided to put the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Ukrainian Communist Party on the St. Michael's grounds. To make for that building, the government ordered the cathedral razed.

When Ukraine became independent in recent years, it decided to rectify the situation. It rebuilt the cathedral between 1997 and 2000. It even used copies of the frescos and mosaics of the 12th century to reconstruct those masterpieces.

Visitors enjoy the gloomy charm of the ancient Orthodox cathedral. It is always dark and cool inside. The only light comes from the candles of visitors. By candlelight, the icons glimmer and the religious paintings look very mysterious. Light a second candle and ask God to wipe away your sins.