Ukrainian Visa information

The Ukrainian government has announced that citizens of the following countries will no longer require a visa to enter Ukraine and Crimea for trips lasting up to 90 days:  All EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, USA, Canada, Japan, Andorra, the Vatican, Monaco, San Marino.

Also Visas are not required for citizens of the following countries:


General information 
Ukrainian visa for entering Ukraine is required for citizens of most countries. Visas are issued by Ukrainian Consulates ( see the list of Ukrainian Consulates here ) . It should be taken care in advance.

There are several types of visas; visa holds information on type, term of validity and usually reflects your itinerary in Ukraine, which is based on application and visa supporting documents you provide the Consulate with.


Common types of Ukrainian visa

Transit visas are issued provided your passport has a valid visa for the next country on your itinerary, or if visa to that country is not required then tickets for transportation via Ukraine to the country of your destination are to be presented.  Transit visa does not allow its holder to stay in Ukraine; it is supposed that travel through Ukraine to the country of destination can not exceed 5 days for one or several entries.

Transit visas are expedient when Ukraine is a transit country of your travel itinerary.

Transit visa can not be extended on the territory of Ukraine.

Private visa is for home stay visits; it is issued basing on original invitation from residents of Ukraine in the applicant's name by local "Visas Permits and Passports Department" office (OVIR). Please, note invitations are to be in original, the Consulates do not accept e-mail or fax copies.

Private visa holder  is authorized for stay on the territory of Ukraine up to 180 days.

This type of visa is good if you are going to visit your relatives or acquaintances. Please, make sure that you have enough time to wait for the invitation that is to be mailed from Ukraine (Ukrainian post system is not very efficient and reliable) and those who invite you have time and willingness to go through local OVIR invitation issuing routine.

Private Ukrainian visa can be extended on the territory of Ukraine provided serious reasons (such as marriage, illness, etc.) are stated by the inviting party in their visa extension supporting documents which are to be authorized by a local OVIR.

Business visa is for business visits to Ukraine and is issued basing on invitation of a legal business registered in Ukraine according Ukrainian regulations and a copy of State Registration Certificate of this company. The majority of Consulates accept fax copies of these documents.

Business visa holders are authorized for stay in Ukraine up to one year. Term of visa validity depends on purpose of a visit. Visa supporting documents for long-term business visas should have grounded business motivation.

Long-term business visas may require Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine authorization; it is to be processed in Kiev and takes 7-10 working days.

Business visa is expedient if you have business affiliate in Ukraine, and you need to make frequent and long-term visits to Ukraine.

Business visa can be extended on the territory of Ukraine upon request of the inviting party, which is to be applied to a local OVIR office.

Tourist visa is for visiting Ukraine with purpose of tourism.

Tourist visa holder is authorized for staying in Ukraine up to 180 days for one or two entries.

Tourist visa is issued basing on invitation from travel agency and hotel vouchers confirming hotel(s) reservations. Vouchers might be substituted by hotel confirmations produced by hotels. The majority of Consulates accept fax copies of these documents. 

Tourist visa can be extended on the territory of Ukraine. Some Ukrainian Consulates (e.g. in USA) issue tourist visas valid for 6 months, no matter what term is given in the application form and visasupporting documents.

Tourist visa is the easiest in terms of collecting visasupporting documents and Consulate processing.

Invitation letters are not required for citizens of European Community countries, the USA, Canada, Japan, Turkey and Slovak Republic for applying for the following types of Ukrainian visas: business, service, science, cultural and private.


Where and how to obtain visa for entering Ukraine
Here you can view the list of the Ukrainian Embassies and Consulates around the World .

The following documents are usually required to be applied for Ukrainian visa:

Tip: before applying for visa make a call to the Consulate to make sure the following:


Terms of visa processing and fees
Standard term for visa processing is 10 working days. Term may depend on the Consulate and visa type.

If necessary, visa-processing term may be shortened to 2-3 days; quick visa processing usually costs 2 times more.

Consular fees vary from 40 to 150 USD and depend on the Consulate, visa processing term and type of visa.

Transit visas are produced within 1-2 working days.

Please, note only working days are counted - Consulates do not work on Saturday and Sunday, and celebrate all Ukrainian Holidays and Holidays of the country they are located in.


Visa registration in Ukraine
OVIR passport registration is not required starting from the July 1, 2001.


Extending Ukrainian visa 
Business and private visas can be extended on the territory of Ukraine in a local OVIR office, processing term is 3-5 working days.   OVIR fee is up to USD 20. Business visa is the easiest to extend.

However, make your best to plan your trip in Ukraine so that you would not have to extend your visa - paying visits to OVIR offices is not the best way to spend time in Ukraine.