Exotic trekking.

If you want to find exotic place for trekking this year, maybe you Ukraine will be your destination. Here exist two wonderful trekking areas – East Carpathian and Crimean Mountains. And I, mountain guide, can show them to you. Crimea peninsula is a warm exotic land. Black Sea below and affable mountains overhead. Due to a mild subtropical climate trekking here is easy. No glaciers, no gale-force winds - only bizarre rocks under a tender sun. For one week of trekking you will see waterfalls, canyons, fairytale caves and ancient ruins. Is it exotic for you?
No? So maybe Carpathian Mountains will attract you more. Here we have other kind of exotic. It’s a wild place. Grim mountain summits, untouched pine-tree forests full of animals. Far from people, close to nature. Trekking in Carpathian is a real adventure (and it’s safe).
Tempting?... Welcome to Ukraine!