Colorful Svaneti

Colorful Svaneti

Reveiw of my trekking trip to Georgia with Outdoor Ukraine.

I would like to thank Outdoor Ukraine for that wonderful and colorful guided trip to Georgia. During our trip we climbed Caucasian mountains, visited remote villages of Svaneti region, tasted native foods made on antique but functioning wood burning stoves and even watched an avalanche while on the peak of the mountain. Countless surprises of the nature are impossible to mention without something being forgotten.

Foggy mountain slopes of gold color, natural narzan water springs, brown cap boletus mushrooms along the trail (a couple of those ended up in our dinner plates one night), cheerful and friendly local people picking wild blueberries, mushrooms and raspberries, svan towers that are so old that no one knows why in particular local people built them in those areas.

The trip was organized very well. Most of the communication was through e-mail and Viber. The communication was timely, concise and extremely relevant to the particular details of our trip. Travel instructions included list of the items to take on trip, list of the recommended guest houses and bus time tables, telephone numbers and maps with day-by-day plans.

During our travel we did not encountered anything that we would not get prepared for. Mr. Kyrill Yasko was our guide and organizer. His vast knowledge of the geographic and history of Svanety area was a great addition to our trip. His positive attitude was remarkable. He was also making our meals for the morning and night putting me at such ease that I felt guilty about it. While we were enjoying our trip Mr. Kyrill worked hard nearly 24/7 to make sure we had the time of our lives! Due to such help from his side I was able to take a bunch of stunning pictures. Kudos to Kyrill!

During the trip we made friends with other members of our group, took tons of pictures, got hundreds of our questions entertained and otherwise had a greatest time of our lives every single moment.

I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for an unforgettable adventure without any hesitation. It is my understanding that that the Outdoor Ukraine company has similar tours to the other areas of our world such as Carpathian mountains and Tatry, Turkey and Mediterranean region, Poland and Chernogoria, India and Nepal, Peru and China, Norway and Iceland.

While I haven't found any information about Outdoor Ukraine trips to Chile, Africa, N. Zeland and Asia I heard that their guides have been there as well as in many other places and would be able to impress you with their memories. I would definitely consider them for my next trips. I wish them well and keep adding those well planned quality trips that they offer.

Vladyslav Ovcharenko, Washington, D.C.