Slavsko ski resort

topographical view of the slopes on Mt. TrostianSlavsko ski resort (sometimes called Slavske) is located 120 km from Lviv on the Kyiv-Uzhhorod railroad. Perhaps this fact alone has made it the most popular ski resort in Ukraine. You can get on the train in Kyiv, get off the train the next morning at Slavsko station and be on the slopes by 10:00 a.m. No other ski resort is so easily accessible from so many places. In addition, Slavsko has a large variety of mountains and ski slopes and has a large tourist community. There's always lots to do.

Slavsko is accessible by train and elektrichka from Lviv, Kiev, and Kharkov, and by minibus from Lviv.

Mt. Trostian

The other reason for Slavsko's popularity is the wide variety of slopes available to skiers. There are four different mountains with ski runs. The most famous, Mt. Trostian, at 1232 m above sea level with nearly 500 m of vertical drop, has the greatest variety of slopes in one place of any mountain in Ukraine, including a variety of challenging runs for experienced skiers. In fact, there are no beginners' runs on the mountain. The views from Trostian are fantastic.

map of Trostian ski runs 

You get to the base of Trostian from the center of Slavsko (2 km) by "taxi." The road is so bad that only Soviet-era military trucks can handle it.

Other mountains for skiing in Slavsko

On the other side of town, "Politekh" mountain (formally called Mt. Kremin) is perfect for beginners. The mountain is a 20 minute walk from the Slavsko train station. There is a very gradual hill for starting skiers and three tow lifts.

map of Politekh ski runstopographical view of the slopes on Mt. Kremin 

Mt. Pohar rises to nearly 1000 m and has two tow lifts of 700 m and 800 m in length. Runs are for intermediate skiers and advanced beginners.

Lifts, lines, and ski rental

Except for a chair lift that takes you from the very base of the mountain to the very summit, all other lifts are tows. Lines at Slavsko are notoriously long*. Waits of 30 to 90 (!) minutes are not uncommon, especially on weekends and holidays. In addition, the many tow lifts on the mountain seem to break down a lot. Large moguls often form. Nonetheless, the skiing is plenty good, and skiers keep coming and coming. Ski rentals are all over in and around Slavsko.

* During the 2004-2005 season it was possible to buy more expensive lift tickets at Mt. Trostian that allowed skiers to go to the front of lift lines. These lift tickets costed about 100 UAH per day, or twice as much as regular tickets.