The City of Kyiv

Kyiv is the political center of the country, where the residence of country leader – the President of Ukraine is located as well as Supreme Soviet of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Constitutional Court of Ukraine, and Supreme Court of Ukraine, central public authorities, diplomatic representatives of foreign states and representatives of international organizations in Ukraine.

It is the spiritual, cultural, historical and scientific-educational center of Ukraine. The Kyiv Regional Council and Kyiv Regional State Administration and their executive authorities are also located in Kyiv as well as headquarters of political parties, offices of public and trade-union organizations.

With the purpose of harmonious development Kyiv with the diversified structure of economy needs solutions of great number of problems. The local authority aims to do a capital by the place of comfort residence of both its inhabitants so guests. The question is creation of business, office and tourist center with organization of infrastructure necessary for this purpose. Today Kyiv is the self-sufficient region of the country and the impartial statistics and economic indicators of the capital complex testify to it.

St.Andrew's Churche The capital confidently leads among other regions of the country by practically all basic industries. The permanent tendency of growth of major summarizing index of economic development – the gross value added has been achieved in Kyiv. The share of Kyiv in the gross value added of Ukraine annually grows and exceeds 11% today. Thus the number of city population makes only 5.4% of Ukrainian people.
In 2003 the industrial enterprises of Kyiv first for ten years overfulfiled the plan. Notably that the unemployment has been overcome in Kyiv and more than 19 thousand working places are offered today in the Kyiv labour exchange so the unemployment rate makes 0.43%. Annually the number of working places is increased in Kyiv. Only for the last time more than 14 000 working places were additionally created in the city.

The situation in capital construction industry especially impresses. Almost 1 000 000 square m of habitation is annually put into service, including 82 000 square m for persons enjoying privileges – invalids and participants of the Great Patriotic War, Afghan war and having many the children families. The habitation in the future will be put into service mainly in districts of active construction with the simultaneous providing their habitants with the objects of social infrastructure such as kindergartens, schools, centers of leisure and others. Except for construction of new buildings such urgent problem as repair of housing fund is being solved. The development of the programme of reconstruction of 50-60 years buildings and dormitories is completed. In fact there are 513 dormitories needed to be reconstructed in Kyiv.


A memorial to the legendary founders of KyivBessarbsky Quarter of the capital has been changed cardinally; the unique «Metrograd» and wonderful underground objects under Maidan Nezalezhnosti were built; the project of reconstruction of European Square is developed. It is important that the great part of charges on development of many Kyiv projects is undertaken by investors. Kyiv authority is learned to attract investments. 35% of total foreign investments in Ukraine are concentrated in Kyiv. The tendency to growth of investments is lasting. The realization of the strategy development programme of the city of Kyiv for 2011 will cost almost USD 350 billion by present exchange rate.


The USA is the main partner of Kyiv – up to 25-27% of the total investments in Kyiv. Holland, Great Britain, Austria and Germany are the main partners of Kyiv in Europe. The investments of these countries make from 4 up to 9% of total volume. The second position is traditionally occupied by Cyprus.


It is necessary to notice that the basic volume of investments in the middle and even at the end of 90th years was covered by lot and retail trade, sphere of services, and for the last two-three years the investing in construction business became the most popular in Kyiv. Thus there is not even in the real estate, but in production of construction materials.


The activity of the German Firm "Knauf" is a model.


Andreyevskiy SpuskUSD 10 million was invested in the enterprise. The production of gypsum plasterboard, which can provide the demands of Ukrainian market, has been started. The enterprise trades with Moldova, Russia, Byelorussia and plans to be developed farther – to arrange production of dry mixtures. The same firm brought to Ukraine new technologies and now prepares shields for monolithic construction. The monolithic building is rapid and high-quality construction of original buildings.


Every day Kyiv becomes more attractive. Less than for two months the workers of the general contractor of reconstruction of the City and Mariyinskiy parks – the JSC "Trust №6 "Kyivmiskbud" reconstructed these parks into the real decoration of the city. The accurate green lawns, wonderful flower-gardens, paths laid by the yellow and grey tile, children's ground, renewed fountains, monuments and park sculptures is impressed greatly in these centers of rest. The opening in Kyiv of the first supermarket «Metro» became one of the last construction projects. The store was built for record short term (six months). Its area is more than 17 000 square m. Near-by there are two parking sites: indoor for 120 cars and ordinary for 700 cars. Over 400 Kyivers work in this supermarket. On the whole three such trading complexes will be built in Kyiv.


Michailovskiy Gold-Domed MonesteryTo become one of the best cities of Europe, it is necessary to develop the network of hotels, sport buildings, to revive sights of the Ukrainian culture and build new masterpieces so do its best for tourist attraction.


For years of independence the pearls of orthodoxy were revived in the capital of Ukraine such as Assumption Cathedral of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and Mikhail's Golden Dome Cathedral, Alexander's Roman Catholic Church and Saint Nikolai's Church at Askold grave. The row of buildings, which became the real decoration of the city was constructed. Among them there are bank buildings at 115, Saksagansky Str., and 12, Tverska Str., housing complexes at 10 Sichneve Povstannya Str., between lanes of Bekhteriv and Kudryavskiy. The forming of principle new housing district in Obolon from the subway «Minska» to the embankment is lasting. The new stations of underground and overpasses were opened in Kyiv. It became possible because in Kyiv there are wonderful architects, able to solve the most complex town-planning, project and restoration tasks as well as builders able to make reality of architectural projects.


Up to 12% of investments in Kyiv are directed in transport industry, facilities of transport and new machines. The Orlantransgroup has the very strong positions in Kyiv. It has almost 150 large new trucks that enable to perform transportation with the countries of Western Europe.


St.Panteleimon's CathedralThe strategy of development of Kyiv includes the programme of ecologically dangerous productions (chemical and machine-building, enterprises working unprofitably or occupy production area inadequate to the volumes and others) taking away the city. Today, when in Ukraine there are regions specialized on manufacturing of similar products, to have the same production within the limits of Kyiv, to deliver raw material and components and to occupy storage facilities for this production is not purposeful. It is planned to take away these enterprises the ring road that will decrease the traffic of freight transport in the city. Besides the city industry will be developed on the base of innovation ecologically friendly technologies. It is planned to concentrate on priority development of food, light and pharmaceutical industries. The last one, by the way, provides 25% of  income tax, covering only 5% in the gross production.


The special role belongs to the business in Kyiv. Only 14.5 thousand new working places were opened in the first half-year of 2003, and the subjects of small business paid 141 million hryvna to the budget.


The monument to B.Khmel'nitskiyThe birth-rate is the most sensible barometer of standard of living of population. In Kyiv it has been substantially increased for the last time. The children's hospital was built in Pechersk. There are repaired existing and put into service new medical-prophylactic establishments. The out-patient clinics of family doctors appeared in Darnytsky and Desnyansky districts of the capital. The similar establishments will appear in four districts in the near future. For maintenance of medical-prophylactic establishments the money is allocated twice more than several years ago. The increase of wages to the nurses is planned. Everything that is done in this direction is united by the Programme "Health of Kyivers".


The schools of Kyiv are also reformed. There are traditional establishments, but the lyceums, gymnasia's and private educational establishments appear. The Programme "Capital Education" (2001-2005) is successfully executed. But not only pupil but also teachers need a care. The reward in the volume of salary (wage rate) has been introduced in Kyiv for teachers as well as material help at granting of annual vacation (salary); the bonus for length of service was set. There are also the bonuses to headmasters of educational establishments; the apartments are given to the teachers.


The Ukrainian Aviation Museum is created in Kyiv. The employees of the Kyiv National Aviation University began to collect  exposition for the museum. Today there are over 40 aircrafts and more than 10 helicopters here. Each of machines is unique one. The employees of future museum are especially proud by the personal air transport of Marshal K. Ye. Voroshylov.


The Uspenskyi CathedralThe actions of the city administration on sport development are impressed greatly. The capital authority pays attention to very eccentric projects also; so they recently declared about plans to conduct in Kyiv a carnival like Brazilian one. The capital of Ukraine is changed cardinally.


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