Only here

Written by Татьяна Желтухина Cyril, Nastja and all organizers of a hike « Water and stones » - many thanks from group romantikov, risked in May, not looking on not so favorable meteouslovija to wave in mountains and to plunge into dampness of clouds.

But difficulties of the first day: the dank fog penetrating a wind, a drizzling cold rain, - could not eclipse beauty, mystery and greatness of caves which we have seen this day. On spending the night rose already under the clear sky the rallied amicable group which has been last the first baptism of fire by ten-kilometer transition.

Every day brought to us unforgettable impressions and the nature opened to us, by means of a skilful and charming conductor in image fragile at first sight Nasti, the fantastic secrets and unique masterpieces in an image of powerful falls (Dzhurla, Dzhur-джур). And after overcoming top chatyr-сбъ (1527 meter) all have felt simply the heroes who have subdued almost "Everest". But me, pohodnitse with the 20-years experience, was surprisingly interestingly and funny with these courageous children(guys) and charming girls from different cities: Odessas, Kiev, Moscow.

The hike is a slice of a life which you live with all together, and these instants are unique! Only here the small slice of chocolate divided(undressed) on the next pass by everything, can replace to you all izyski culinary javstv a modern civilization. And only here you appreciate overlooked at someone unnecessary shnurok to make bahily on a dirt, or to receive as prezenta a raincoat which at someone has appeared superfluous, and you samosshitaja a cape is simply torn from impulses of the wind which has cleared up on mountain open spaces; and a jar of iodine it becomes simple balm for erased up to callouses a foot of legs(foots) and superfluous lozhechka sugar it seems is more tasty than any pie.

And as long, already there in city, you live sensations of a hike and recollect a morning cold in tents and drops of sweat on the person(face) after the next ten-kilometer transition.

P.S. Also what here to hide (ha-ха-ха), it would be desirable in a year at the same time, at the same o'clock and on the same place it to appear again all together and to wave... Somewhere …!!!

Tatyana Zheltuhina (it(she) the Таня-SENIOR)