Cheerfulness and positive for the entire year

Report a hike on Carpathians above waterfalls from 21 to 26 July 2013 Author: Irina spirits. Rating: 5 Little about his beloved. I'm 48 years old, I went camping with his son Philip, a student 19 years. In his youth, went hiking with classmates as a "brake". You know, there is such a girl who unhappily lagging end of the group even without the things causing pity others. This is - I was 22 years old . Common look at yourself then helped me do my physical form. Some time engaged in martial arts , after the birth of her son moved on to more "soft" practices. Why chose this route ? Probably wanted to test myself , but decided to start with the low complexity of the route . More like being in beautiful places nemnogolyudnyh bad stand the heat, was not previously in the Carpathians, liked the reviews . By the way , just about the reviews . Like review turretless tourist 65 years its practicality . However, on the promotion of products primarily from his backpack I bet . Group for 6 days becomes a bit of space station crew - all in the mind . So shove each other's elbows - our own peril. Not worth it, I swear. It is rather a problem of the instructor - to regulate loading " Crew " ( an essay on " The ideal instructor - who is he ? " ) . I will say in favor of rolling equipment. Took with his son sleeping in the office and were the only ones of the group , who did not wake up at night from the cold. When you buy a sleeping bag for yourself , it's hard to pick up for all occasions , especially if you go camping once a year. Thou shalt not buy a few pieces - for the Crimea , the Carpathians summer Carpathian winter. And before going to the instructor selects optimal situation. After the decision to hike regularly looked at the weather forecast on the I- V these days. Cooling , day 20 , and 13-14 at night rains . " There is no bad weather ," - said to myself , but hard to believe . Looked at the forecast and very much like the sun ... The last time looked the day before the hike. Forecast improved somewhat , the night temperature rose , reduced the number of rain. During the campaign was sunny, clear , though cool weather - ideal for walking under a backpack . Only one morning fog was , and then not touching us, but only teasing - here I am, very close, hid neighboring hill, and now you pick up. Excuse me, guys, some of you wanted to be like the rain, hail and being beaten Gone With the Wind , and here I am with my desire peace ... Well I do not like wet tents and campfires nezagorayuschihsya ! So, meeting in Ivano-Frankivsk . In the group of 10 people , I'm the eldest, Philip Jr. . The rest - 4 pairs of Ukraine, Russia and Germany ( our former ) . How is this magic , when a very different , a group of strangers grows ? This is all the mountains , their beauty and ancient magic . Especially hurt when hit by this magic idiots , cutting through the mountains unmarked on maps glade . By clearing this we walked part of the second day. Of course, hurt when instead scenic trail in front of you gets sort of triumph of progress , where you can ride a jeep . Well, never mind , I hope pereprolozhat route enthusiasts . Description of the route is on the site and in other reviews - I will not repeat . It is better to see once ... A bit of unusual incidents. Also glade second day should be noted magnificent descent third . Again forest path became a steeply descending lanes, which had to descend. The descent took at least an hour behind backpack clods crawling underfoot , and there is no place to rest ... Episode was the most vivid recollection of the campaign . Later , when they stopped to shake the nerves and hamstring guys proposed to open a new route " for poaching glades - past waterfalls " - for fans . I recommend. Now I say about a day's rest on polonyna Rushchina . Very beautiful place and the most cold and windy point hike. And there live horse ... They live there all the warm season , and the locals take in their work on requirements . Beautiful , intelligent animals . As tourists through Rushchina go constantly , horses have become accustomed to us, and give photographed patting themselves " on the spout ." However, the field of view different from our horses , so when stroking the horse where it is not visible, she was nervous . Instructor warned against feeding horses - if once to feed the horse , it will not go away from you and at night, will knock the tent and call . That prospect is not happy . After breakfast we went to wash pots . There are 4 horse power and nod our heads. We , too, they nod and type of water into the pot with the remnants of sweet porridge. The largest horse comes up to me , puts his head in a pot and starts to drink water with porridge , licking the sides . Surround the others too , lick the bowl, spoon chew ... Sweet , so fond of. Stand , " keep a smile ," I say kind words - beast something healthy and kick the back foot , they say, is deadly. In general, choose something , courtesy saved . And at night , thank God, did not come - that night on Rushchina were several groups - lost , probably ... Water during the campaign really everywhere. Part of people regularly intermeddle in the river or under a waterfall - but it needs to be a walrus - water ice . About hygiene in the campaign can share my " recipe " . I sewed krepdishinovaya mitten like sold from natural materials. And rub it with soap yourself first , and then a couple of times - no soap . Pores of the skin should be cleaned with sweat, and it's not just aesthetics. Do dirty deteriorating human thermoregulation , he no longer freezes in the cold. An instructor . In our group, he called himself Oleg. Oleg is very well-versed in all kinds of tourist equipment , we can say this is sick . But all sorts of herbs , roots, unfortunately, does not know. Had to rely on their modest knowledge. I know of on the grow in abundance oregano ( motherboard ) , St. John's wort , clover, near the water - mint, lemon balm, in some places - chamomile. But thyme caught once at the beginning of the campaign - on the way down to the first waterfall . More Oleg - pronounced "owl" , so we went out and came too late. However, since I was the only " lark " group , the rest of it interfered less. поход в Карпаты I do not know whether someone has convinced my review to follow a route , but personally, my son and I were very pleased. Cheerfulness and positive for the entire year . In the end , I might add that practicing wushu or very similar help : diaphragmatic breathing ( " belly " ) helps to walk uphill , " vosmerochki " strengthen legs . Well, when the campaign does not turn into " survival school " when you can not see anything around , but rocks underfoot , and you have the opportunity to admire the beautiful views , delicious spring water and mountain air. Good luck to everyone !