Feeling of movement of life

поход это Ощущение движения жизни Review campaign Water and Stones 3.8 May 2011 Author: Valery Roganova. Rating: 5 Welcome to the campaign organizers, who were so qualitatively route prepared provisions ... Special thanks to the instructor, who accompanied us in this campaign. Thanks for his responsiveness, responsibility and attention to every member of our team, regardless of fitness.

I would like to welcome all of the organizers immediately hike, which so qualitative composition of the route, prepared provisions, welcome all participants of the tour, which coped with the aim to get to the end this route, as well as those who have gone the route, even a decision go hiking this is a big thing, my girlfriend and I took a decision and were going to go hiking rovneshenko three years!

Special thanks to the instructor, who accompanied us in this campaign. For its responsiveness, responsibility and attention to every member of our groups regardless of physical fitness. майский туман на Южной Демерджи в Крыму

The idea to go hiking came into our heads three years ago, after we met in equestrian adventures in the mountains of the Urals, as well as on a friend's recommendation. And if you even stop to think for a moment about the campaign and the choice of route, on whatever route you decide, the Crimea and the mountain is a great place with very stunningly beautiful views of nature from the inside, you will not see each camper is arriving in Crimea just lie on the beach. I Everyone has their opinion and your opinion, so even being in the same team each of the participants saw the same thing in different ways.

Not yet arrived at the meeting place, we have begun to overcome the difficulties and solutions to problems. We managed to miss the flight to Simferopol and group had to catch up, when the whole group was already on the way. Rapid response and efficiency, the instructor of our problem has allowed us to catch up with them in the evening in the parking lot at the Marble Cave. The desire to overcome all the problems occurred on the way, and changing a flight we arrived in the afternoon in Simferopol taken away from the station required a specially prepared for us equipment and with sympathetic natives reached the specified instructor places. The heat of the reception after a hard day and pleasantly surprised pleased, because greeted us with a hot meal and tea. в Мраморной пещере, Крым

Understanding of the entire group to our tardiness will directly from early morning visit the Marble Cave in which six times visiting Crimea managed finally visited. Marble Cave is a very worthwhile sight as soon as down there you realize how diverse and powerful force of nature, that create such a secular world wonder. There is a sense of mystery and tales and you in all this seem just a little ant in great natural chain. Натечные образования в Мраморной пещере

The first day of the hike we found it infinitely long with their Vilani paths of ascent and descent in the mountains. In the evening, exhausted, we collapsed sleep in a tent with the idea that in the morning, probably will hurt every muscle of our bodies and the need to force yourself to get up and move on.

All the days of stay in the nature passed completely unnoticed, because the nature and fresh mountain air gives strength, and an endless variety of beautiful species by nature completely healed adversity get in the way. Тисовое ущелье, поход по Крыму в мае

Hiking is a great sense of movement of life, as you slowly go will not run, do not hurry, as it often happens in everyday life and respectively, have time to consider all around you in detail! Inexpressible freedom of thought, anything to not have to think, just go and have a rest from bustle of the city. Think only of the road, about nature, about what you need to go on that that is the goal in front of you while you think more visually eyes gazing inneffable nature of Crimea! река выше водопада Джур-Джур

I would also like to see the purity and beauty and majesty of the mountain streams Waterfall Jur-Jur's crystal-clear water of which you can take and drink some water, as well as swim. By the way water is certainly not warm, but clearly very soft and pleasant to the skin. If you're willing to splash in some water temperature 8-10 degrees then you will catch yourself swimsuit.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to go on a campaign not to postpone his idea the closet! Go and you may just not be sorry! Sensation of freedom, freedom and a team never known as far away from civilization, away from home and to overcome myself. Nothing can spoil a peace state, which will accompany you the whole trip, although it must be noted that weather conditions accompanied us not the most favorable! Was often damp, humid and the rain came! Each evening had dry clothes to wear her the next day! After such a march cast start to appreciate and respect Mother Nature has created a no man's beauty, with all its advantages and minuses. And insanely nice at the end of the route to realize that you did it! крымский лес в мае

With regards to the tips and dress code .... To each his own .....: someone and the two rubbish bags may not seem sufficient, and someone enough and humble belongings, but keep in mind every extra gramchik in your backpack will prevent you from route as kilogrammchik!

Personally, I quite enough the following list: Couple T-shirts, a pair of pants (cloth Instant), sweater (fleece), rain (IMPORTANT), two pairs (comfortable) shoes, hat, tent (took a car for three), backpack, water bottle, mat (as in rolling), a knife and fork (which are taken away at boarding a plane), wet wipes, toilet paper, a mug, a flashlight (Forehead), soap (took one for two, and the way it is possible to wash with soap head), pasta (one tube for two), a toothbrush, a towel of medium size, warm socks and socks are simple (two pairs), swimsuit. That's it! So do not overreach drag along a couple sakvoyazhikov still do not use! And you are weak? у моря в конце похода

P.S. Dedicated to march to the Crimea and my very understanding friend I

Nowhere is there more wonderful nature,
How far off the beaten track in the mountains,
Where you are one with nature together,
Where you walk on two legs.
Where machines are not accessible,
Where not get lazy,
And where you'll feel the freedom,
At the level of the soul!
Where the air you breathe clean
And drink with origins spring
Team spirit is full of meaning
Not afraid of damp rain,
Where a small fire smoldering heat as
The people gathered around him,
Where will want to return
Still, for the next year.
Where you check your hand,
Where to set goals to reach
To feel worthy
At the end of the traversed path!
Valeria Roganova